Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ruthie At School

Ruth's teachers post photos every week. Every so often I actually get on the site and look through them. There were sooo many cute ones of Ruthie from the last 3-4 weeks that I had to do a post about her at school!

I am just *so* happy that Florida changed their age requirement law the summer before Ruth started school so that she can go to half-day and be at the school she's at. She ADORES school, loves learning her letters, loves everything about being at school, and is so excited to learn new things. This is exactly what I'd hoped for! On top of all that she still gets to come home and play imaginary games with her brother all afternoon--or go to the pool or the park or help me cook or with chores. All things that I think are also important for tiny little kids--more important than sitting in a desk all day. I am just so thankful with how this year has turned out for her.
This is just from today. Look at her ADORABLE tooth gap. It just kills me. On Wednesdays she has to wear a red shirt. Today they were reviewing MNOP and 13-17. So they practiced in shaving cream!

Outside time! Usually first thing in the morning-since it's been almost in the nineties lately. 

They have a garden she brings lettuce and basil leaves home from every once in a while. She LOVES it, mostly due to all the help she gave grandma this past summer in her garden. I love that they have a class garden!

Cutie patootie in all pink. She does that whenever possible, haha.

They have 'area time' where they shift between four stations that I think are: kitchen play, dress up play, science, and art. Sometimes you get to pick and Ruth used to always pick dress up but now always picks art. She tells me all about it. I think it's an arrangement by the teacher because the only thing on her last little report said that she was awesome at everything, but struggled putting away projects if she wasn't finished yet. Haha. So now she can finish them in area time. Perfectionist? Oops.

Trying on the police gear!

(I may be that pregnant mom that does not always have her school shirts clean. Oops. I also frequently forget to remind her to wear red on Wednesdays.) 

This is her best friend Quinn. Also--Ruth is just the MOST adorable little girl here! How is she getting SOOOO big?? 
On Valentine's Day they could wear whatever they wanted. Ruthie picked her dress out because it had a big pink heart on it--which is obviously perfect for Valentine's Day.

After Christmas they started having a music teacher come on Mondays. Ruth always tells me all about it--she loves it! I don't know how it is different from 'chapel time' on Wednesdays when all the classes go sing together in the chapel, except it's not all together. But either way, she loves the music!

Again, that tooth gap!

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this one. She is so happy her eyes are disappearing haha!

This is an older one, before her tooth gap, but on the 100th day of school they counted to 100 by tens using snacks. Ruth was pretty thrilled about that day, haha.
The only thing about this that makes me sad is that we have to figure out what we are doing next year with Will in a whole new place! He wants to go to her school SOOOOOO bad, their super nice teacher made him a sign in sheet so he can sit down and sign in every morning like Ruthie does. Baahaahaa.

Oh goodness I love Ruth. But every time I give her a hug I can't get over how much she is a kid now, and not a toddler. It's killing me! 

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