Monday, April 15, 2013

Cutest Kids and a Walk

It is snowing this morning. Snowing. Actually sticking to the ground kind of snow. Ruth is standing by our glass doors saying "NOSE! NOSE!" 'cause body parts and white, fluffy stuff, its all the same, ya know. So to boost my spirits, I'm going to post pictures of the walk my sister Andrea and I and all our kidlets went on last Friday. When it was much, much warmer.

Emeline took this picture for me. I wanted documentation of how I look all the time these days: baby strapped to the front, pushing a stroller. HAHA. Eli and Harriet just happened to photobomb this picture. 

Grumpy--but cute.
I wanted to document Andrea and her baby-carrying-while-pushing skills, but apparently Emeline has superior photography skills, and I should stick to pushing my babes.
See ya. Hopefully with warm weather.

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