Thursday, April 4, 2013


The past two months have FLOWN by. 
Will is 21 1/2 inches tall--which is the 5th percentile. 
He weighs 12.5 pounds--which is the 60th percentile!

When Ruth was 2 months she was 22 inches tall and 10.11 pounds. She also weighed a whole pound more when she was born, so she had only gained three pounds, and he has gained six and a half! I love it. The chubbiness is the most adorable thing ever. I want to keep this little one just like this forever.

He didn't do that fabulously with shots, he was grumpy pretty much the entire day. And his face! When they did the first shot it went the darkest shade of red I have ever seen on a person! It was truly amazing. And so very, very sad. I hate it when their little sobs sound just like "Why? Why did you let them do this to me?" He's a pretty fussy baby, but it seems like everyone thinks passing the two month mark should make things better--so here's crossing our fingers for that! He coos and smiles at me all the time, and has the softest, squishiest, most kissable cheeks that ever existed. His eyes are still that dark slate gray that Ruth's were for the first while, but they get more and more brown looking every day I think. I love it. My own little brown-eyed boy. I love this little man SO much!

And a picture of Ruthie stylin' it up. I bought those shoes last week, I thought they'd be perfect for the splash pad this summer, and she dug them out of the closet and asks for them very first thing in the morning, and the first night she even slept in them. I thought it was a little extreme and told Sterling so. He just pointed to my new merrell's. Okay, maybe its inherited. New shoes are the best.
I have the most adorable two month old little baby boy! I can't believe it has already been two months!! And now...I better go discover what Ruthie and Devaney are into upstairs, cause I can hear them tumbling around.


Kyra Moon said...

You make cute kids. Good work. :)

Anonymous said...

He is adorable.!!!! Glad you had a good week-end. It was so good to have you out. Good to kiss those chubby cheeks! And see missy Ruth! Love you. Mom