Saturday, April 20, 2013

Belated Easter Activities

Yesterday morning at about 9am my sister called me and said I needed to go in cahoots with her to convince mom to let us visit. Sounded like a good idea, so I got my babes dressed and headed out to Hyrum for the day! And this is some of what transpired:

Me and my man Will
Andrea & Oskar
Harriet again.
Ruthie & Will

We spent a lot of time trying to pick a different song to sing next week in Andrea's ward because the one she picked is REALLY, REALLY hard, but then we ended up going with that one anyway. But in the process we picked about three new songs that we want to sing together someday--some sweet Spirit of God with double flutists(sp?) going on. Thanks mom for taking a picture of me and my little man! And for letting us crash your house! And for not getting mad when my daughter spilled yellow dye all over your kitchen! We love you!

And THEN I went on an incredibly wonderful hott date night with my main man Sterling. My niece Danica babysat, and since we didn't want to drive her home late at night, she just crashed at our place for the night. She's going to come with us to medical school, right? (She also let me borrow some shoes to make my outfit perfect, they were too big, but I could walk in them, so it worked out. Hahaa.) More on the awesome date night later. Over and out.

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