Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We had a wonderful Monday night picnic with our friends Chantelle and Jeremy and their little girl Olivia. 
Checkin' out the ducks.
Throwing bread at the ducks. 
The dads are a lot more happy about that duck than their daughters are.
That duck ate right out of Jeremy's hand.
Daddy daughter love.
Olivia insisted on holding Ruth's hand, and they were really cute about it! 

Ruth had a rough night. It was past her bedtime, and on top of that I think she is getting more brave on the playground, which also means less careful. She face-planted and got the scrape on her nose and eyebrow, and then went down the slide funny and got a fat lip. Poor girl.
All in all it was a wonderful night! Thanks so much Chantelle and Jeremy!

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