Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend of Family

We had a wonderful General Conference weekend. Sterling did not work at ALL, which was a miracle, but he did have to take a test Saturday morning. As soon as that was over, we headed out to Hyrum and the Baby Animal Days. Only, once we got to my parents we decided not to go to the heritage center. It was rainy and cold, and it started to rain hard just a bit after we decided not to go, so I'm glad we didn't pay the money. Instead, we played outside and enjoyed having daddy around for a minute!
I kept trying to get her to jump on the tramp or go down the slide, but man, that girl loves her swing!
Sterling started swinging side-by-side with her and she thought that was the greatest thing ever! 

Love those big brown eyes.
Dad's horses went running by while we were out there, so I tried to snap some photos. So beautiful.

Sweetest smile! (See that Mike sitting on the tv? He was watching us watch conference. So Wyatt.)

I LOVE this, looking up at  his dad.

MOM! WHAT are you DOING?!?!?!
Much better. (But man, you just want to SQUISH those cheeks, even if he does protest!)
Ruthie and Natalie were best buds...Natalie even let Ruthie spoon-feed her imaginary food. Too cute.  
So impressed with this girl, she held Will for such a long time! Go Cass!
More smiles.
On Sunday we had an awesome Conference with Sterling's family at our house. Cindy, Jenny, and Ethan came for morning conference, so we relaxed, Sterling played legos with Ruthie, and then we had some lunch and Bridget and Cade joined us for the second session. That session was a little less productive listening-wise, haha, but still a good time. After that, Brandon and Jess came with their boys and Marlowe and we ate dinner and celebrated Brandon's birthday with some coconut cake. It was so much fun to see everyone since it has been so long with Will being sick! (I made my sisters pulled pork recipe, and man, it was delish!)

Bridget, Cade, Ethan, Jenny, Will, and Ruth. Everyone looks SO SO cute except my children. Ruff.
Grandma Cindy sharing some cool whip icing with Ruthie.
Ethan and Ruthie had a great time playing behind the couch. Ruth thought it was just so hilarious. 

Happy Birthday Bran!
So much fun being able to see everyone and not being too worried about Will getting sick. Can't wait for true spring and summer sunshine for that reason. It was SO MUCH FUN to have Sterling around the entire weekend. Happy day. Conference was amazing. Great talks from everyone, but I especially enjoyed our prophet, Elder Eyring, Elder Russell M. Nelson, Sister Wixom, Elder L. Tom Perry, and Elder Holland. (Can't wait to read the ones I didn't hear fully, due to children.) What an absolutely wonderful weekend. Only two more weeks of this semester and Sterling is NOT taking classes this summer!!!! YAY! I am officially counting down.

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