Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family Council

I told Sterling he was in charge of family council. Every. Single. Sunday. Yesterday he arbitrarily decided that we had to have family council at 5 PM on the DOT and no sooner, even if you were already finished dinner and dishes and had nothing better to do. So we napped until five. We convened with a call to order and bang of a gavel. Ruth got a little excited about that and banged for quite some time in her high chair. Sterling brought up a very few items of business and then I brought up our calendaring items. Sterling thought that once I made it through the week we were finished. Meeting adjourned. Everything I said after that was nullified because it was after our adjournment. I said that wasn't fair. He said he was in charge of family councils and he had absolute vetoing power. We had quite the good time--that man makes me laugh so hard! He also made strawberry banana shakes that were really, really good. Ask Ruth, she was one sad girlie when her shake was taken away (she was playing in it) and had to go to bed. The entire experience was very reminiscent of my family and our old family councils, where children received 'bops' that were tallied up by the scribe (somehow it was always Kayli and she always gave and took bops from whomever she liked) and punishment was supposedly administered in the hilarity at the end. Funny Sterling never attended one of those councils, because he did very well by it. Oh I love that man! And here are some pictures from Saturday, when we stole him for a couple hours and went to the Treehouse Museum (finals week is almost over!):

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