Tuesday, August 20, 2013

6 months

Will is almost 7 months, and I am just getting to his 6 month post. I cannot believe how fast he's growing and I wish I could just squish him down and keep him my small little baby forever. He is such a great baby and he is so snuggly and loving. He loves to smile at Ruth but when she comes close enough to touch him he lets out a yelp--just in preparation, ya know, in case she decides to push or poke or bite him. Poor kid. He doesn't sit up yet, but he rolls around like a crazy man. He'll roll all the way across the living room to get to what he wants, which means I can't just set him any old place these days. He loves to be carried and moving-in the baby carrier, in the stroller, in the car. He just got his TOP teeth in last weekend (the 11th) which means he is now a big man of FOUR teeth! We had a little heart to heart about this at 4am the other day and hopefully he's going to be kind with his teeth from now on. He loves to eat real food and since he's turned in to this skinny little guy the dr. recommended giving him the opportunity to have as many calories a day as possible--so he gets to eat as much as he wants! His dark hair has turned blonde this summer, which Sterling's did (and so did mine a little bit) for a couple of years before darkening up again, so it wasn't too much of a surprise. He also loves his blanket and grabs on really tight before falling asleep.

He weighs 15.5 pounds and is 25 7/8 inches tall. 
Top teeth. Scary picture, haha.
His croup this past weekend gave me a couple of special opportunities to enjoy him, and I am so glad! I got to sit in the steamy tub with him and he was having the time of his life! He loves the tub, especially when he doesn't have to worry about his sister drowning him, and he will splash and giggle forever. He used to sleep through the night, but during all of our camping trips he did away with that, and now he usually wakes up once around 4am to eat. He loves to cuddle and will actually fall asleep in my arms (Ruthie never did that) and its been fun to just hold and rock him the past couple of evenings underneath the humidifier :). He'll stop eating just to smile at me and it completely melts my heart. We love you little man, thanks for being such a great baby! 

Necklace, anyone? He has a TIGHT grip. 
My two handsome men. I just LOVE Will's face in this picture. So perfect.
This is how he's spent a good portion of the last couple of days, poor sick little man. This way I can still cook and clean and do dishes and fold laundry, and he can still feel close. He holds on like a little monkey and I love to feel his little arms around me.
Happy six months Will, we think you're the best baby! xoxo

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Aleesha Burke said...

You look like a true babywearer taking a picture in the mirror! haha! Cute cute boy!