Monday, August 12, 2013

Minnetonka Cave

A long, long, long, LONG time ago in the beginning of July (remember when we went to Bear Lake?) we stopped by the Minnetonka Cave. We LOVED it. We also loved the fries and shakes we got beforehand. Fresh strawberry. Yummy. Anyway, I finally got around to stealing the pictures from my lovely sister Megan who was the only person who happened to have her camera with her, luckily for me. (For some reason the way I stole them made it so I can't blow them up without blurriness ensuing. Ruff.)

We had a great time, even though it was FREEZING in there (43 degrees to be exact) but Sterling spent the entire time mapping out how we would survive there during the apocalypse and how we'd keep out invaders. Awesome. Good thing we have a food storage, right? They made it dark and told us if you spent a certain amount of time (90 days? I can't remember now) in that pitch black that you'd go blind. They also made some sweet pictures on the walls using a flashlight and a diamond. I offered my ring...only to realize I'd taken it off for the camping trip. Oh well. Will started to fuss at the end, and so they let us go ahead (so we wouldn't ruin the show for everyone else) and it was really cool to feel like you were all alone in this massive cave! It was also fun to be with my nephew Jethro, who knew the answer to every question the tour guide asked and even taught the tour guide how to remember stalactite and stalagmite and which comes from top and bottom. Love that kid, he's kind of like an encyclopedia. Haha. It made Sterling want to become a real spelunker someday. Maybe someday.

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