Thursday, August 29, 2013


All the redheads. The other day at church I went in to nursery to take Ruth potty and one of my friends was in there helping/watching her son and she said "I just walked past the library and the lady was saying that the 'CUTEST girl just walked past with the most BRIGHT red hair and she was just adorable!'" and my friend said, "I knew she was talking about Ruthie!" Everyone comments on Ruth's red hair...always. It's almost like she is a celebrity. Also, being a redhead means you are automatically inducted into their own secret club--kind of like a clan. They love you and you love them instantly because you have red hair. It's a special bond. Every single redhead we see always comes up to say how much they love her hair. I never knew about this until we had Ruth, even though I have two redheaded sisters. So, to celebrate our redheads we took some pictures of just them.

Orrin was not very excited about being part of this clan. 
Kayli with Orrin, Jethro, Emeline, Ruthie, Ethne, Eli, Oskar, Miriam, Andrea 
Some of the outcasts were chillin' on some sleeping bags on the lawn. My nephew Talmage is seriously SO GOOD with kids and babies, he loves them and my kids love him back!
And randomly, another picture of the three amigos that are only weeks apart. It goes blurry if I blow it up. Oskar is definitely a redhead. Kayli is in denial but I think Wyatt has some definite red tendencies. And then there's Will, all dark only now all blonde. What cuties.

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Lindsey said...

The picture of Will and his cousin holding hands is adorable.