Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby's Belly Laugh

I think one of my favorite milestones in my children's lives are when they can really belly-laugh at something. It is the best sound ever. I will go to great lengths to hear that sound. Luckily, Will is a very happy boy and is (usually) very smiley and now...we have a belly-laugh! This is at Yellowstone, I hope you all enjoy! ( I tried two formats, tell me if one works--one is above these words and the youtube one is below.)

PS After a month of reunion+bear lake+family occasions+yellowstone+CE seminar+work+family pictures my house is...a bit crazy. Our stuff from Yellowstone isn't completely put away and I think our bathrooms haven't been truly cleaned during the entirety of this crazy month. Hopefully that gets remedied soon, like tomorrow morning...but in the meantime I'm ignoring and watching this video over and over.

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Brooke said...

Neither of them worked for me!!!