Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ruthie's Big Day

On Ruth's actual birthday, Sterling was working two jobs, so I went out to celebrate at my parents. Ruthie got to help grandma make the cake and icing and lick the beaters every time, she loved it!

She is also in LOVE with the trampoline these days. I swear she was out there the entire time. She comes up and asks "Jump-n-it?" over and over again.

She was very excited about her cake, after all that helping! Two candles!

The following Saturday we celebrated with Sterling's fam at Cade and Bridget's pool and it was a GREAT time. Ruth is not a fan of splash pads because the water falls on your head, but ten minutes into being here she was swimming all over the place (with floaties) and having a grand time! Cade made cotton candy for the kids (more than once), there was cake and ice cream, presents, sparklers, and I think it's safe to say that Ruth had a great time at her party. I am so glad we have support and love from our families! Thanks everyone! Happy birthday to Ruthie!

She came and sat on my lap to eat hers, and took over mine as well. Funny girl.

Sterling's sister Kathy and her son Jaxen.
She took a bit to warm up to it, but she LOVED this slide!

Will had the best seat in town with his little floatie.

She got a castle from grandma Cindy, and she loves it!
I had no idea what a huge hit this would be, but her Aunt Kathy gave her a bag with a blow dryer and other accessories. She plays with it ALL THE TIME. 
She got a barn with animals and tractors from her mom and dad, and she's liked that a lot as well. She has a good amount of Little People toys now, haha!
What a handsome man.
Cake and ice cream!

Grandma Cindy with Kathy's teeny, tiny, beautiful little baby Mia.
Sterling, me, and Ruthie, Marlowe, Bridget, Cade, Jenny with Jo Jo, Brandon and the twins Kaleb and Jaxen, Cindy with Will and Jax, Kathy with Mia, Tim

This little girl is SPOILED! After all those presents it was like Christmas! It will be fun that she can play with the Little People and parts interchangeably between the barn and the castle though. She was one happy girl. 
I still can't believe my little girl is TWO! We did the obligatory measuring to see how tall she'll be when she grows up (who knows if that actually works) and it would make her 5'6". We'll see! She has definitely come full force into being two. She crawls out of her crib, so her mattress is currently on the floor, she opens doors (we've had to childlock several recently) she has full-force tantrums, she bites and hits, says 'mine' and the whole bit. But she is also very helpful, usually very loving with Will and such a sweetheart that I suppose we'll keep her! We love you so much Ruthie! Happy birthday!


Lynn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ruthie!!!

Lindy Michelle said...

She's growing up so fast!! I can't even believe it! Happy Birthday little miss!
ps. We're moving to south ogden TOMORROW. We're going to live so close to you now! I can't even wait!