Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Rest of the Rasmussen Reunion

Day 2 of the reunion we had CLASSES. Potions class, and whatever the class is called where you learn how to cast spells. There were quite a few more sick-o's but there were still lots of kids who had a blast. Also, there was HP jeopardy for a younger audience and older audience, and then, due to the high volume of sick kids, a HP marathon was started down in the basement. 
Kali, Jethro, Lynnaea learning to cast spells!
Wyatt teaching about some potions
Lindsay Ann instructing the wands.
Brett and Leo joined in the potions class. I hear it was AMAZING, but I never actually made it in there.
Anders during potions.
One of the greatest parts of the reunion was the AWESOME reunion center we went to. It was right outside of Rexburg, ID. They had a slide that went down to a bunk room where all the kids slept. They had a little rock wall, a foosball table, ping pong table (which provided endless amusement for the adults when the kids were in bed...I must steal that video from Lindsay Ann's camera sometime SOON, its interesting to see my hubby get a little competitive because it is so rare.), a pool table, a hot tub, a swing set, a tennis court, a room with a basketball hoop and tons of little scooters and such, and every single room in the house was so KID-FRIENDLY. That was the best part. I didn't have to worry about Ruth breaking anything or getting into anything. They had lots of tables, high chairs, boosters, you name it. Oh, and one night Sterling and I snuck out and went canoeing on their little pond. The older kids tried to take pictures for us on their ipods, but they didn't turn out that great. It was fun though. After we canoed we sat in the hot tub and watched everyone try to write "Rasmussen" with sparklers. Unfortunately, due to a computer glitch, all the karaoke pictures and sparkler pictures and who knows what else, were lost. So these are what we have, enjoy!
Orrin, Sebastian, Jack, Devaney
The tower everyone made and I think they slept in it one night. 
My sweet sleeping baby.
Katelyn and Olivia, Ana and Danica
And last but not least, 
Wyatt and Lindsay Ann's amazingness continued, and they set up an entire Quidditch match for us. Someone was designated snitch, they ran away with a ball attached to them, and someone chased them within a certain limited area. Everyone else played on the field with these AMAZING broomsticks (which got ditched due to their scratchiness) and we even had refs. It was so much fun to watch.

Olivia guarding her goals.

Miriam, Hazel, Katelyn (in the background I think it is Chad chasing Anders who was the current snitch.)
Not sure whats happening here, but I love Danica's hat. 

Everyone in the hot tub. Everyone.
Some of the sick-o's. 
My sweet little family.
We had such a GRAND time at the reunion this year, and it was SO AWESOME to be able to see everyone! We loved that reunion center so much that we voted to do it there every time from now on. I'm glad, since I am one of the next in line to plan the reunion, so we know it will be great even if I don't plan anything! Thanks Wyatt and Lindsay Ann for an awesome time, and see you in a couple years everyone! (Since there are no picture of the awesome traditional karaoke contest, let me just tell you, it was amazing. Garrett threw up, performed, and threw up again. It was awesome. We decided not to judge the performances since it was just a miracle that we made it through alive--there were five kids puking simultaneously. Yeah. Hopefully we can skip the stomach bug next time and just enjoy ourselves.I'll have to steal video footage from Megan so you can still see our song.)

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