Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Acceptance!!!!!!!-and a trail ride

Sterling has officially been accepted by Des Moines University!!!!!!!!!!!!
This means that we will definitely be going to medical school next fall!!!!!!!!
We were hoping to hear back before we drove to Colorado but we didn't know til last night in our hotel room. The email was sent just twenty minutes after we had stopped for lunch and checked his email using free WiFi. So instead of throwing the interview out the window and partying it up in Denver we decided it would be a good idea to go. We have really loved Colorado and Parker reminds me of Hyrum and Layton kind of all in one and is absolutely breath-takingly beautiful. So who knows we might have a decision on our hands. In any case, I could not be happier for Sterling and he seems pretty happy himself :) He's worked so hard for this it's just so wonderful to know it's going somewhere!

Before heading to Colorado (did I say we have NO kids right now? It's kind of beautiful) we spent Saturday at my parents watching conference and in between sessions my lovely mother watched our kids so we could go on a trail ride with my dad and my brother Wyatt. I can definitely say fall is my favorite season and this afternoon was heavenly. Beautiful colors and sky and crisp -really cold!-air. So perfect. It was sterling's first real ride with my family (why did it take almost four years!?????!)and even though I never want to experience being that saddle sore and then sitting in a car for eight hours straight again(talk about stiff!)it was totally worth it.

Thanks for the great ride!


Anonymous said...

The pics are gorgeous!!! The colors were so beautiful.
I am glad you were able to ride and see it in it's glory.
Love you.

Lindsey said...

Wow, the leaves are beautiful! And congrats to you guys for hearing back from a university! I'm sure you'll hear from more.