Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catching the Last of Fall

Most of the leaves are already brown and off the trees now, but we caught some beautiful golden last leaves of fall on our hike yesterday!

Also, props to myself for carrying both children. I knew Ruthie would have a tough time, but I didn't think it would be THAT rough. (Props to Andrea too, for carrying Ruthie.) I weighed them on my home scale the other day and Will was 19.5 pounds and Ruthie was 26. Which means...I was carrying a lot of weight up that steep trail! It was more steep than either Andrea or I remember, but it was definitely beautiful!
Eli was really into having his picture taken. 

Look at that incredibly picturesque tiny waterfall in the background!. Also, Eli's hair blends in with the background. It's like he's Halt without a cape!
Cowen on the other hand, was not very into having his picture taken.
Aww Andrea's hair is glowing in the light. Those leaves and the lighting and all the redheads...made for some awesome colors! That is my sister by the way. She's part of the reason why Ruth has red hair. Even though people look at me and really wonder.
Ruthie fits right in with her redheaded cousins! (there was another picture with Eli and Emeline smiling, but of course, I picked the one that Ruth was smiling in.)

Ruthie wanted a picture of her rock, not herself. She liked to carry the biggest. rock. possible. Which might be why she had such a hard time walking.

This picture was a total fail. But that kinda makes it funny. Look at all those beautiful leaves and that cute wooden bridge! 
I thought this was really adorable even if she is hiding a bit.
No worries. We were protected by the mighty Eli. 
These pictures are the reason I want to live in Ogden forever. To get up in these mountains on this incredibly beautiful trail? Took about a three minute drive from my house--and that's hitting lights. Oh how I love thee, Wasatch front hiking trails! You are so close it makes the Loganites jealous! I will miss you so much when we move to Miami, or Des Moines. But I promise to come back! To visit at the very least. (That just made me think how very, very many memories I really do have on these trails. Went on hikes for YW, Singles Ward FHE, probably with just about every guy I dated, and I ran on them in college ALL the time. My roommate and I used to walk them on Sunday afternoons when we were both home. Then of course Sterling and I hiked on them several times while dating. Actually our second date was a hike carrying kids much like my experience yesterday. We had many important discussions on those mountains. We also have pretty much mapped out and memorized all of the best and favorite hikes. We are also pro at hiking with babies because of these mountains. All of those are really great memories. Anyway. I'll stop ranting.)

 And this is Ruth's minnie mouse shirt that she won't take off.

 I only added the next picture because Ruthie looks SO BIG! When did she start looking SO BIG and stop looking like my baby?!?!?!! Thats what I want to know.

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