Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Black Island Farm

Last year we went to Black Island Farm with the fam, but this year we were invited to go with our ward, and it was a blast!!!!
Ruthie really loved her pumpkin. 

Chatting with the two donkeys that came up to say hi. 
Getting ready to watch the pig races, it was pretty exciting, haha.
Some of the pigs came out a little backwards.
Racing pigs! 
Ruth really liked clapping for the pigs. 
 Ruthie also really liked the slides but had a hard time navigating them at first. They have a pretty big lip at the top that made it so she couldn't just sit down and scoot forward. I, being the lazy mom that I am and not wanting to leave Will at the bottom, just kept telling her to keep trying by herself, and that she didn't need any help. Haha. Eventually, by watching her nursery buddies, she figured out that she could do it by herself by going on her belly. She was very excited to climb up and go down by herself after that!
 Funnily enough, my boss's daughter was invited by some friends to come along and she was SOOO nice and held Ruthie so they could go on the train ride. Ruthie loved it!

 Will was AWESOME and stayed content and happy in the back seat of the stroller the entire trip. I guess there was enough to look at that he was fine. I just love that little man!

Playing in the corn.
You can see all the slides and things behind this picture. And Will's new shoes. I am in. love. with those shoes. 

This is the bouncy house. Ruth stayed in there FOREVER. She LOVES to 'jumpnit'.
 This next picture is of Ruth going down this GINORMOUS slide. It opened up and all the kids were lining up to go on it, so of course Ruthie wanted to go too, but it was much too big for her. A random teenage girl (not completely random, I think she was a niece of one of the ladies in our ward that was there?) said she would love to take Ruth down. It was super sweet of her because the line was horrendous so they had to wait a long, long time. I don't know if Ruth actually liked going down, but the girl said she was ecstatic with anticipation the entire time they were in line, so I'm sure it was worth it!

It was a great activity for Ruth, she enjoyed everything so much more than last year when we went and she was much smaller. We even had perfect timing, the sun shone and it was beautiful the entire time we were there and just as we were leaving it started to get super windy and rainy. Glad we were on our way out! I'm so glad we went and had such a wonderful afternoon!

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