Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rasmussen Halloween Party

Yes, this was the party after Hailey's baptism. The baptism where Ruthie fell into the font. In her dress. And tights. And shoes. And hair bows. Yup. Everyone keeps asking me who pulled her out. I don't even remember. Lindsay Ann? Wyatt? I think they were getting after Kiersten and Cassidy for being in the bathroom (which is how Ruth got in there). I was looking for Ruth when she turned up howling. I knew she was missing, so that's something, right? Anyway. On to the festivities.

Cousins. Ruthie, Devaney, Harriet.
Cutest little Mickey and Minnie there ever was!
More cousins! 
What a happy Mickey!
 Due to the fact that we like to pick on people in our family, and with an upcoming wedding Ethan and Kourtney are the obvious choice, the kids---boys v. girls---got to mummy wrap them. It went against Ethan's competitive nature a bit that the boys were SO far behind the girls.

Kourtney's in there somewhere.
 For some reason Ruthie really loves her Uncle Ethan. I can't figure out why. He always scares her and makes faces at her and she keeps coming back. He is nice sometimes though, and he was really impressed with her pumpkin and that made her really happy.

 Lining up for the piƱata!

Ruthie got to go first, she barely tapped the thing.
When did Danica get SO MUCH taller than me?!?!
 Luckily, Uncle Ethan does love Ruthie back and he made sure to watch out for her when the pinata was broken. See those pocketfuls? No wonder she has such a big smile on!

Strange things happen when Danica has your baby.

But then she put him to sleep so I can't really complain.

Such a sweet Natalie.

And now, we're off to more Halloween activities! Thanks for a great party everyone!

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Kayli said...

Mom and Andrea both look absolutely gorgeous in that first group picture- and you look super beautiful in the one with Danica. Your kids are cute and my kids were cute too and I am so sad that they weren't there.