Thursday, October 10, 2013

Saturday Conference

We sat Will down and did a little trimming around his ears. I don't know what is with his expression in this picture but for some reason I am in LOVE with it. Those chubby cheeks. I just LOVE that little guy.

I had my hand over the flash, which is rude since she had such a cute smile.
So many wonderful kitchen toys to play with at Grandma's!
Will has been on a kick of doing things with his tongue. He finds his tongue very intriguing and its too funny to watch. It looks like he's thinking hard or something in this picture, but really he'd just been spitting with his tongue for the last half hour or so.
Daddy and son.
I'm kind of annoyed that Ruth wasn't a bit more cooperative because even Will was smiling for this one! Oh well.

Conference snacks.

Ruth and Jack-Jack were hilarious and played really well together.

In typical Ruth fashion, she pulled her own chair RIGHT UP to the tv, called grandma on the phone (everything is a phone) and sat there talking on the phone and watching the screen. Silly girl.

Conference is very tiring (actually I think this was after our ride) so obviously grandpa had to take a snooze. HAHA. PS Someday I really want that loveseat. That red just screams my name, doesn't it?

It is more difficult to watch conference with babies, but luckily grandma's house is really entertaining, not to mention Ruth had Jack-Jack and Natalie to play with. I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to listen to our prophets every six months and get such wonderful guidance. I feel like everything was SO specific this conference. They were making sure that there was absolutely no room for wrong interpretations of what we believe. I'm glad they make it so blunt but it makes me nervous to raise my kids--this world is getting a bit crazy to be needing such specific instructions to navigate it!

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Lynn said...

"Amen!" to your thoughts on Conference. Totally agree with you.