Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dearest Man of Mine,

I wrote you a letter every day you were outside of the state and I got really excited for you to come home. But then I saw you for about thirty minutes on the drive home and since then you have worked for nine days straight. Nine days. Added to five days of being out of town. Added to the seven days straight you worked before that. And in that time I have often woken up and left before you, woken up after you have already left, and I've seen you the most when I ask you to make a bottle in the middle of the night for our squishably soft baby boy. (Which you often so kindly do because for some reason getting out of bed is hard for me...although I can stay awake to actually feed the boy.)

Moral of the story, I've probably been awake and SEEN you for less than 3 hours in the last three weeks. It has been long. I also won't see you tomorrow because I am babysitting in Morgan and you are studying. I miss you.

I am so glad you filled up our tires with air. I am SO glad you put a new lightbulb in our master bedroom early in the morning before you left. I am very grateful that you remembered to take out the trash this morning and whipped on some odd clothes to run out there and put them on the street corner. I am very glad we fit in one episode of Doc Martin during those three hours...I've been missing it. I am SO glad that you raved about my spaghetti that I sent in your lunch, even though you couldn't eat at home with us the evening before and even though I put mushrooms in it. (I can't believe you don't love mushrooms. sheesh.)

Thank you for almost being late this morning because your daughter wanted to see you and you listened to her repeat the same three phrases over and over for a good twenty minutes. She really loves her daddy. Thank you for finding the time to call last night, because she was having a really hard time going to sleep, and for talking to her and telling her goodnight.

And now, I think we should get over love letters and actually SEE each other. Oh yeah, we WILL! Thanks for being the best husband ever and convincing me to get a babysitter so we could go to your next interview together. I can't wait! You're the best and I just love you so very much! So let this be an end to letters written because you are so very far away, because I've had enough of that.

xoxoxoxo, Your little Wife

PS Have you SEEN those mountains? It is absolutely PERFECT! A hike is definitely on the bucket list for this weekend. Those colors are just amazing. I love fall.

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