Monday, October 28, 2013

Will and Friend

Will and Sam. Will pretty much thinks Sam is the greatest thing ever. Unluckily for Sam, that means he takes a little bit of tough lovin' that he is not used to! See this first picture? See how happy Will is? See Sam's sock? Yeah, Sam was not so happy about that.

Will also likes to rock Sam in his swing, which can get a little too intense at times. Oh my kids love having friends to play with!

 Look mom! I have his sock!
 Later that day, Will was giving Sam hugs and kisses on the floor when Sam started to cry...Will scratched Sam's perfect little baby soft cheek with his fingernail. Like I said, a little too much tough lovin'. It does make me happy though, that Will is so excited to see other babies. And Sam could not be more perfect, he puts up with enough that my kids enjoy him, and then he is perfectly happy and content to swing all day while I keep my kids away from him-haha! If every baby was as easy as Sam, this three-kid thing would be a breeze!
 Oh I just love this little man! Those smiles! Those cheeks! Those neck rolls! Those big teeth!

 Apparently we're on a sock phase, cause he really liked my sock too.

 Ruthie would not look at me when I tried to get a picture of her playing the piano. Ruff. She's pretty cute though. This makes me laugh cause she has her minnie mouse shirt on AND socks!

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