Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Village

Sterling finished his 20 page paper on Monday afternoon, so we were able to steal away to Christmas Village for FHE to give him a break. It was a perfect evening, the weather was so nice (it dropped twenty degrees that night) and we had a great time! 

Ruth really brought the magic into our Christmas season. She was so excited about all the pretty lights and all of the displays. Everything was "OOH! Mom! Look! SOOOOO pretty!" She sat at one display (it was the little Christmas town that some people collect) watching the skaters go round and round in circles for a good five minutes. She was just enthralled and it was so much fun to watch her!
 She was tired of waiting in line by the time we got to Santa, but she was sure glad she did! The candy cane alone made it worthwhile to sit on Santa's lap! She even talked to him a bit.

Will was not so impressed and did not want to sit on Santa's lap at all. Haha, maybe next year.

Ruth really just loved the entire thing and Will sat contentedly in his stroller enjoying walking along. We got some $1 hot chocolate (that wasn't even good, how sad) to warm us up and looked at every. single. display. Ruth still has some issues discerning the difference between Santa Claus and Jesus Christ. We were hoping sitting on Santa's lap would clear that up some...Oh well. 
 Two more weeks and that man will be finished with his undergrad. YAY!

Last night as I was cleaning up I thought I'd take a picture of Ruth's 'coloring'. She has carried this page of Snow White around for the last week, adding to it slowly every day. Mostly she sits and pulls the paper off of the crayon in tiny pieces, but she does color too. The back of the paper is almost even more filled up. She colored all of it herself (although I did color the shoes of the dwarves during sacrament meeting when I was trying to keep her occupied) and even went to sleep with it last night. Such a funny girl.

And that is the end of our wonderful Monday night adventures. Ruth had such a great time, I want to go back again before the end of December. They have train rides that we didn't do because it was definitely past bedtime. It was such a fun night though, I'm so glad we went and had a great start to the holidays!

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