Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

 Last night I drove to Logan to finish a quilt for Ruthie. It got really late so I slept over with the kids. I didn't realize it was supposed to be a winter snow storm all the next day. We woke up to about 8-10 inches of snow. It was pretty awesome. So instead of going home I stayed at mom's house and she helped me even more with some sewing, fed me breakfast and chocolates all morning long. It was a wonderful day of Christmas.
The above picture's coloring keeps loading really weird. Ya know how we put Ruthie in that snowsuit last time? Well, we rectified that situation and got her some snow pants so Will could have the suit. He wasn't a fan. When he fell over he was stuck that way. HAHA!

We did make it home, someone told us Sardine was passable so I decided to head out while I could. It was passable. Mostly. The middle was VERY windy, snowy, and slushy. But we made it home alive.  So then I took the kids outside while I shoveled. Ruth insisted on bringing her bear. I filled up her bucket with snow and she carried it around the entire time we were outside. 

Will decided he didn't like the snow, so I put him on my back in a carrier and finished shoveling that way. Then I decided we had PERFECT Utah snow and weather (the snow was super wet and melty) so we needed to make something. I didn't want to put snow pants on since I already had Will situated on my back, so my pants got REALLY wet! 
 Ruthie was SUCH a huge fan of the snowman. In fact, she's been checking on it out the front window regularly ever since we came in. At first she thought I just had a snowball and I kept calling it a snowman so she would make a snowball and insist she had a 'snowman' and would say "OH NO!" every time she dropped it. She desperately wanted to bring the snowman inside with her, I think she thought of it as a new-found friend!

These pictures are from earlier, at Grandma's house. Ruth LOVES this kitty, and I think it's cute that their hair matches. I'm just glad the kitty's live outside so Ruth can enjoy them but I don't have an allergic reaction to them! 
 My brother Wyatt helped shovel when he came over to load the horses in to the trailer to take them to some arena. I have no idea really, but I think they had a good time!
 My dad was awesome and uncovered my van from the snow and then moved it onto the driveway when they were finished shoveling.

Here are some more pictures. Of Will. He's pretty much the handsomest baby alive.
Look at those BIG brown eyes! Gah! I just love them.
This is his crazy-face-smile which he does when he's flapping his arms in excitement. Like here.
Such a sweet boy.
He's been doing this a lot lately which adds further credence to my suspicions that he's teething.
He is just so perfect. Why oh why is he getting so big??
He was scrunching up his nose. He does that when he finds something amusing but not funny enough to smile at.

On the ride home from Grandma's house Ruthie played peek-a-boo with Will almost through the entire canyon and through Brigham City. And Will laughed out loud the ENTIRE time. It was so adorable. Sometimes Ruth can be the greatest playmate with him! Oh I love my kids.

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