Saturday, December 7, 2013

He thinks he can walk...

Will thinks he can walk. It is the cutest thing in the entire world. Except when I'm tired of helping him, then I wish he would either just learn or be content with his funny army crawl (which got lots of smiles at the ward Christmas breakfast this morning). But I love this stage and watching them get more and more independent and grown-up, except for the part where they are getting more independent and grown-up:). 

 And yes, for people like my father, you only need one picture of the boy and the cart to get the idea. But my new camera came in the mail (YAY!!!) and it clicks SO fast and there get to be SO many pictures. I just can't choose. I love that boy so much.

I put this one in for Ruth's cute smile. awww. She also sat long enough for me to do french braids for the first time. Love it.

This is my favorite. What a perfect picture of happiness.

Also, all these pictures are just on automatic mode. I can't seem to find a moment to read even a small portion of the massive book that came with the camera. But still, no blurry pictures like my last camera (see Thanksgiving, haha) so I am loving it!

Also, standing at the piano bench playing with the nativity is pretty much all Will does these days. He LOVES putting the baby Jesus on and watching it light up. I'm quite impressed with his hand-eye coordination that he is able to put it on just right!

Yesterday was pretty rough. I woke up several times to Will making coughing/choking noises and thinking he was going to die. Then he threw up in the morning, but just a bit so I thought it might just be spit up, or just caused by his cough. I thought he was choking on phlegm or something in the back of his throat from his runny nose. Then I get to Megan's house to teach piano and right as Myles starts--Will pukes. Myles was AWESOME and said "Is he puking?" and then ran off to get a towel and a bowl. He's the man. I had planned on taking Will to the dr. real quick to get his booster flu shot (you have to get a second one the first year they get it) on my way to babysit at Andrea's, and so even though I no longer babysat-for some reason they didn't want a stomach bug-I still stopped at the docs. 

Apparently Will has an ear infection and sometimes feeling sick can just cause kids to have an upset stomach. The kind where they projectile spew over three chairs in the waiting room. Yup. That was awesome. But I am glad that it's an ear infection and we can do antibiotics and things will get better. He has been SO much happier today which I am really grateful for. 

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Kayli said...

He's sooo cute! sorry about the puking that is no fun. And what is happening to our babies??? Will already looks SOOO different than the picture on your header!