Sunday, December 15, 2013

WSU Graduates!

This weekend was incredibly busy. Full of everything good. Lots of finals and stress for Sterling. Lots of planning and excitement for me. A graduation! Sterling graduated with a bachelor of integrated studies in microbiology, chemistry, and neuroscience. Now…on to medical school! Luckily for us, we get a six month break before that starts and I could not be more thankful because after this crazy-hectic YEAR that we've had it will be nice for some down time as a family before more crazy-hectic years. Haha. Sterling, I think, was surprised that he actually made it to graduation. I'm a little annoyed that he still has to spend time with his mice for the next three weeks even though school is over. That's a small thing though, compared to all the craziness he has been doing.

He's on the last row of black gowns closest to the camera, five people in. 
He turned to look at me!
Shaking hands.
On camera at the Dee Events Center.
 My family spent the weekend in Las Vegas celebrating my dad's 60th, so I was really lucky to have my mother-in-law Cindy and her best friend Sandy come to the graduation ceremony and help me out with the kids--it was a little too long for them. For everyone, really.
Sandy and Ruthie

Will and Cindy. 

 Ruthie was SO PROUD of her daddy! She clapped and clapped and clapped and clapped. It was her favorite part. Afterwards in the hallway she went running up to him and gave him a BIG hug. Such a sweetheart.

 Such a happy graduate!

Cindy was so wonderful and so supportive. She always is and always has been for Sterling and we could never thank her enough. 

After the fun of graduation I was able to pull off a party for Sterling without him knowing. I made him go buy rolls at the grocery store so I could decorate, then came out to get into the van before he walked inside and could see them. I convinced him we DEFINITELY needed to go out to dinner to celebrate (which we did need to, obviously) and in the meantime, my awesome friend Chantelle let everyone into our house, finished the last-minute decorations and food, and had everyone waiting for when Sterling opened the door to a big "SURPRISE!" I wish I could have seen his face (but he had to walk in first) cause everyone said it was the best ever! He had NO idea. It was a bit tricky to track down addresses from people because a)I don't know everyone he studies and works with at WSU, b)we share a fb account and c)he rarely puts people's last names on his phone contacts. I had a lot of text conversations that went something like this "Are you Cameron so-and-so?" "no?" "Oh, I am so sorry, I don't know who you are then, and so therefore cannot invite you to the party." Okay, so I didn't really reply like that, but its pretty much how it went. Luckily we still were able to track down quite a bit, and even with the holidays and so many people going out of town, Sterling still felt the love and support of all the wonderful people we have met and worked with in Ogden. It was a great surprise and such a fun night!

We are both graduates from Weber State now with the same level of education. (Dang, I guess I can't hold that over him anymore!) We have both loved WSU and we're definitely ready for a little break and some time TOGETHER! On to Miami, FL in June!

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