Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I should be cleaning my house…

A little while ago I realized some pictures had not been posted. I decided to a do a 'missed photos' post. So here is all of them, in no particular order, mostly just for the sake of documentation but also because my kids are adorable. 

We got some snow a bit ago. Then more. And more. And even more. I was the lucky recipient of LOTS of service that weekend and only had to shovel once, thanks to all my neighbors who knew, or didn't know, that I was husbandless. The one time I did go out to shovel though, the kids came out to help too!

Eating snow, of course.
 I really want to get some nice pictures of him in this outfit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But maybe right after church isn't the best time to try.

But look at the little elbow pads! I love them! 
A couple weekends ago we built a fort. Ruth was enthralled and both kids played in it for three days straight! It was a pretty good one if I do say so myself. Now Ruth has discovered jumping from couch cushion to couch cushion and pulls them off at random to do just that.

No idea about the headband.

I was trying to take a picture of Will. Ruth is tricky.
 A little bit ago Sterling's sister Bridget asked if I could take some pictures of Ruth driving a car so she could use it on a final poster she was making for a class. Something about doing things at appropriate ages and getting a colonoscopy at the appropriate age (haha!) so I snapped some pictures. They all turned out really good actually, but I especially loved the smug little expression of the following photo.

This past weekend, the same weekend as Sterling's graduation, I babysat my sister's six kids while she partied in Las Vegas with several of my other family members. There were a LOT of concerts on one night, so I took some pictures for her.
My nephew Myles had a band concert.
And my niece Kiersten had a choir concert. 
I missed this picture in the graduation post, sitting and watching for daddy!

I guess that is all for the 'missed photos' post.
 Last night was the recital for all my piano students. It went pretty well. Except my one niece had hers absolutely perfect and messed up because she kept looking at her cousins. And instead of focusing on his perfect piece, my nephew was trying to goof off and messed up on his. He introduced himself as "Sam" and I guess he couldn't focus after that. Then another one of my niece's, Miriam, had hers perfect for the past month, got a little crazy fast and messed up on hers. So really…yeah. I promise I'm a better piano teacher than that. Maybe family recitals are not the best. I might have to think up something different for this coming spring. They did do a good job though and the ladies and gents at the nursing home immensely enjoyed them even if it wasn't perfect. We headed to a church afterward for pizza and chocolates--my moms homemade Christmas chocolates. It finally feels like Christmas! We also had the nativity. For ALL of this, I somehow left my camera at home. (It was a busy day ok, santa was trying to work overtime since Sterling works the next seven days until Christmas Eve.) Hopefully my sister Megan gets me the pictures she took of Ruthie the shepherd because she was pretty much adorable. As were several other tiny shepherds. Among other notable things, Mary almost got bucked off her donkey, Baby Jesus at one point was a toy mouse, the quote "you WILL enjoy this nativity and feel good about it" was requoted several times, and there was much hilarity throughout. Thanks to my family for their great support! Now to catch up on sleep and clean my house from the past weekend of graduation and parties and six kids. Yay.

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