Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It was great 2013!

I keep trying to decide what to say about this year. It was a lot. We fit in so much. Then life fit in even more. We had Will Sterling Haws-the most perfect addition we could have this year, and then we had a hospital stay for RSV and following treatment. We had a family reunion this summer and the party continued all summer since my sister was here from Switzerland and we all wanted to spend time with her. We went to Yellowstone with our good friends the Burke's and we wish we could go back forever! Sterling worked two jobs, went to school full-time, sent out med school applications, flew out all over the place for interviews, was accepted, graduated, continued to work full-time while in school and doing research for his capstone project. No wonder he looks so tired in all the pictures, haha! I blinked and Ruth grew up! She talks like crazy, helps out a ton, has a mind of her own and thinks she's the boss of the family haha. She sings songs, loves her bear, gives Will the best hugs and kisses and we just love her. Will has been so easy-going and happy and just recently he's learned how to squawk when Ruthie is doing something he doesn't quite like. He is walking around everything he can, it won't be long before he's walking on his own, and I just laugh that he went straight to that from army crawling! I have worked a few days a month throughout the year, babysat, and been the mom around these parts. It has been extremely busy, I don't think I realized how truly busy we've been until this last week--Sterling had the week off from work and had no school work to do. It was a bit of heaven on earth. We are excited for some more of that in the next six months. After that we will be bound for Miami, Florida and we are getting more excited (and more nervous) every day. Sterling could not be happier to be starting the MD/MPH program at the University of Miami and I'm about ready for some sunshine and warm weather. So here's to 2014!

I SO wanted the video to be on here, but apparently I am challenged today. I did get it to upload to youtube, which is what usually works, but the quality is much worse. So I'd rather just make you click on the link. Thanks!
http://vimeo.com/83066048(this will probably give you the best version)


Anonymous said...

I loved it. Thought it was a great recap of the year. Cute, cute pics of the kids. They are getting big!!
Great pics of you and Sterling and the family pics.
Love you,

Kayli said...

So cute! It,s crazy how much our babies grew in a year. CRAZY! Good choice on that second song (it was one of our songs from last years video) ;)
Also, SO many cute pictures of you. And I thought Sterling looked great at graduation with his black shirt and white tie. Very suave. I would say more but I, musing an iPad and typing "" is annoying. But it was so fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for making me incredibly homesick. Ruff. But the video was adorable. I loved the picture of Ruth and Sterling walking on the wooden bridge. I loved all the hiking pictures with both you and Sterling carrying babies. And ALL the tons of babies! Hee. Hee. It was funny. Love ya!

Lynn said...

Loved the video!!! Pictures say a thousand words. What a crazy busy fun filled year you had.

Brooke said...

Very lovely!!

Brooke and Katelyn

Lindsey said...

The video was so fun! I loved that first song; I've never heard either before. Great job and what a crazy year for you guys!