Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ramble Jamble of Pictures

Ruth doesn't like to smile. So I told her I needed pictures of her braids. Then she started modeling for me, it was awesome.

I went to delete this one. But then I couldn't. Look how baby soft her skin looks. I just love it.

That smile! Haha! Cheese!
 We made play dough the other morning. I would highly recommend the cherry and grape koolaid flavors--they are the most vibrant out of any I have yet tried. Ruth was over the top happy about her pink and purple play dough.

 Impromptu jam session.

 Look at his little dangly legs! I love it! 

The other afternoon Ruthie was REALLY ornery about life. All. Day. Long. She doesn't take naps anymore unless we happen to be driving around long enough in the afternoon. I guess she really needed some sleep though, because I looked down and she was conked out on that pillow. Measuring cups safely in hand. 

Sometimes leaving your kids to go to work is really hard. Especially when they look this cute when you are leaving them. She was SO excited to go play with Olivia she could hardly contain herself. (Why is she always wearing a skirt in the middle of the winter? I don't know. I try to put her in something sensible like blue jeans and she will have none of it. She also loves pink, even though I try to convince her that other colors are good too, I guess they just don't measure up.)

These are the gingerbread men we made after Thanksgiving dinner. I thought they turned out SO SO cute! (I sewed everything on with the red one, then realized I am a lousy-slow hand sewer, so I just hot glued the green one together and then stitched the outside. It was MUCH more my cup of tea.)


Kayli said...

Ruthie is the cutest thing!! I love her face looking down at the playdough and I LOOOVE the picture of her with piggy tails and her skirt all in pink. ADORABLE!

Kayli said...

p.s. what is a ramble jamble?