Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rainy Days

I know we need the rain. But oh, these rainy days are not my cup of tea. At all. I saw a ray of sunshine on Friday morning and called my sister to go outside and get a walk in. But it was windy. And it was a cold wind. She chickened and said we had to go indoors. So we headed to the Hill Aerospace Museum. Ruth had a lovely time. 

Harriet and Ruthie
 K, those little aviator outfits have got to be THE cutest things on their little bodies! 
This lady had Ruth hold one end of a light bulb and then touched a thing on the table to make the light bulb turn on in their hands. Ruth thought it was pretty cool.
Ruth wanted to touch it too!
My sister squishing' her babe.
Cutest boy ever.
Remember how these two are three weeks apart? That's kinda crazy.
Cute picture of Oskar.
Will liked pushing this massive toy barrel around.
Most of the simulators were for ages 8 and over, but Ruth got to sit in a couple and she thought it was pretty awesome.

My sister, Andrea, and Harriet.
Those blue eyes and that blue suit. Looking good Eli!
She didn't really understand this simulator but she though it was interesting anyway.
It looks like Ruth is her little assistant. Love it.
The instructor was teaching Emeline about…some kind of force???…and I caught this picture right as she pulled her arms in and started to spin SUPER SUPER fast. It was awesome. She was a little unsure. Haha.
Emeline was also the brave one who said she would be electrocuted. Several times. Then she conducted the electricity…and her hair stood on end! It was pretty fun stuff. 
This little one is pretty much the cutest little girly girl there ever was. I got her out of the house without a skirt on (we only have so many!) but not without pink.
It was actually a pretty awesome little place--I had no idea that the aerospace museum had a children's room with so many activities! We also looked at some planes, but not many. When we got there the children's area was only open for a little bit longer, so we headed straight to that and then the kids were pretty done when that area closed. It's ok, luckily it's an awesome free activity that we can go back to again and again. Although, not multiple days in a row. So rain, can you please stop? That would be great. Or maybe just rain every night so we can get out of this drought but I can get outside with my kids? Please? Sigh.


Kami said...

Those are really cute pictures.

Andrea said...

"K" is not a word. Neither is "kinda."

Love the pictures though! Thank you for posting them. Now I can work some magic and make it look like we've been learning something lately besides How to Sell Your House 101.