Monday, March 10, 2014

Around These Parts

I got on here because I wanted to post something while I waited for my ice cream to melt enough that I could scoop it (I usually try to keep ice cream in our chest freezer because it is easier to scoop, but it got put in our fridge-freezer and then it is horribly solidly frozen). While that is being remedied, here are some items that have been happening around our house:

Our house thinks that it is spring and we have these beautiful tulips popping out in our front lawn:

In other news, Sterling let me buy a new hard drive today. The one we had was SUPPOSEDLY mac and pc compatible. What a joke. After much trial and tribulation, I decided it wasn't worth my time to deal with it anymore. So we got a hard drive that is solely mac compatible, as well as double the space (yay!). You have no idea how happy this makes me. We had Stake Conference this Sunday and one of the talks was on goal making. My goal is to have Ruth and Will's baby books caught up before I have this baby. But due to the hard drive issue, I was not making much headway because the basic file saving and organizing was such a hassle. Hopefully now I can spend a couple weeks organizing and putting four years worth of pictures onto the mac hard drive, and move on at a much more rapid pace. The idea is also to get up in the morning BEFORE my kids wake up to work on it (on days I don't work) so we will also see how that goes. Gotta utilize the time I'm not feeling sick before another baby creates havoc in our lives, right? (a very, very good kind of havoc)

On a completely different note, Sterling and I went with my sister Megan and most of her kids to see Disney on Ice with Ruth. It was really good. I liked Ariel's part the best--which is funny since she isn't usually my favorite. Ruth was ENTHRALLED. She had a little antsy moment before intermission, but mostly she sat and watched and got very concerned when the princesses went behind the curtain--where'd they go? haha. Devaney and Ruth in their suitable princess attire:

Our cousin Clay's son Isaac was baptized on Saturday and so I had some fun french braiding Ruth's hair. I can't believe how well she sits, or how long her hair is getting! But getting a picture….wowza, she was not having it.
This is when I promised her chocolate if she smiled.
This was her pretty hair.
And this face...
And this one????
Although she does look really precious in this one.
The only other real news of note is that my parents got a dog. She is BEAUTIFUL and she has the SOFTEST fur imaginable. You just want to bury your whole face into it. This picture of Jack and Roxie made me think of Wyatt and Dolly.

We have also watched Frozen. I am now a huge fan. I LOVE every little bit of it. But mostly Olaf. I think he is the best side-kick character that Disney has ever come up with. Every thing he did and said made me laugh out loud. I am definitely pregnant though because I cried through the first half and then laughed so hard I was almost crying through the second half. Sigh. It really is a stellar movie though.

Now, back to my ice cream...


Anonymous said...

They are crocuses not tulips. Pretty none the less. Ruth looked cute in her dress.

Kayli said...

I like Ruthie's dress.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was going to say what Kami said. Obviously you did not grow up in Canada where I did because I would go and pick crocuses in the spring out in the fields. Oh, the good old days. hahahaaa
Cute pics.
Oh, I like your name you picked out (last post). Thank=you.