Monday, March 17, 2014

Haircuts, Dyes, and 19 Weeks

Okay, so this post should really be three posts, but as always I'm lazy and you might as well see our last week all in one place, right?!?!

On Thursday night I was giving Will and Ruth a bath and decided that Will's hair was DEFINITELY too shaggy and so I pulled him out and cut it right then. Now I'm sad. But I do love his hair cut. It's a torn feeling. His hair wouldn't do anything but lay flat on his head, so I wanted it shorter so I could spike it up. He did have a lot of hair-enough to fill our dust pan over flowing! At the same time, now he looks SO BIG! Sigh. I think it's cute but sad every time I look at him.

I don't think he understands that we are all cheering because we want him to WALK, not just because he is a handsome devil standing up on his own.

See that bruise by his eye? It has now darkened to a deep blue and purple and spread to his top eyelid, making for some awesome eye make-up. Poor boy. Playgrounds with 2 yr old sisters can be a little rough.

Oh my handsome boy. I just love you SO SO SO much! (Especially that funny grin right now that shows your molars and the spaces where your canines should be.)

His haircut led to cutting Sterling's hair, so I took a picture of both my menfolk-but Will wasn't totally enthused about the idea.

On to 18.5 weeks. I have definitely poked out MUCH sooner than with my first two kids. Although, I can still do up one pair of my regular jeans and if I wear a hoodie nobody can tell I'm pregnant. But in a skirt and tight shirt-it's getting somewhat apparent. It always FEELS like you are bigger than you are. Then I see pictures and realize that if I wear anything somewhat loose, you can't tell. But hey. Still fun to document. Fun things about being this far along:
I'm not sick
I can feel this girly kick ALL the time
I'm not sick
Did I mention I'm not sick?

 It should be mentioned that to get the two pictures shown above, Sterling took about TWO HUNDRED (no joke, I had to go through and delete them) because he got a little camera happy. He hasn't used my new camera very often and he was a little hyper and a little excited that you could take pictures so fast. It made for a lot of crazy pictures. Haha.

And on to the third post of this post: I dyed my hair. For the first time in my life. I wanted to get some red. Sterling wanted me to go platinum blonde--completely. Silly guy, I told him that would be ridiculous. He held firm. I compromised and did a little of both--although I wish there was more red, and that I had gone a little more vibrant red (the stylist talked me out of it cause she thought it wouldn't take that well, but then it took beautifully and she said she should have thought of the fact that I'd never dyed my hair before, because apparently that helps).

I also chopped a good two inches off. At first I was a bit sad. Now I am on day three of not washing my hair (I have started using dry shampoo, and I am in love, seriously Sterling thinks it smells better on day three because of the dry shampoo smell) and this morning all I did was  brush it and it looked exactly like these pictures---and I remembered how EASY this cut is for me and I am so glad I cut it.
 I didn't want a super crazy dye job, not because I didn't WANT it, but because I knew I didn't want to upkeep it. So she didn't dye the top layers of my hair so they lay nicely over the colors and make it look like there is hardly any dyed hair at all--plus it covers up the roots so it can grow out forever and never need a touch-up. 

On the flip-side, all I have to do is pull my hair back with a bobby pin and get some fun color popping out all over the place! I really, really like it. More than I thought I would. This morning I purposely bobby pinned it back to show as much color as possible.

See? Put it all down and you can barely tell it is dyed. Although with the layers in the back you can always see it back there.
 And to add more craziness to this post, here are my cute kids in the van:

Will does this new thing where he fake laughs. It is seriously the FUNNIEST thing in my life. He opens his mouth SUPER wide (see below picture) and makes a little laughing/coughing sound. Then we all laugh hysterically so he does it again and again. 

Ruth told her nursery leaders twice yesterday that she had to go potty--yay! When they got me the second time they found me in the chapel (it was ward conference so we were combined) and Ruth told me the whole story of how she said she had to go potty, and they told her they had to find her mom 'in sacament' and then she saw me and then we went to the potty! It was such a long story, with all her steps, and such big words (I mean, sacrament?!?!) I just couldn't believe how grown-up she sounded!!!! Oh my kids are the greatest. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Lynn said...

LOVE your hair. Great color[s}.

Glad you're not sick this time around! Awesome!

Kayli said...

Will looks so cute with his "pokey" hair (that's what Orrin calls it when I do his hair spiky for church). And I love his blue shirt. And the first picture of him is adorable.

Your hair--wow! Very fun! I think you would do platinum blonde SOOOO awesomely! Try it! The red seems really vibrant on my screen, so I wonder what you mean by more vibrant.

Don't forget to do the comparison pictures between Will and Ethan... I really am curious to see.

So glad you are not feeling sick anymore. Happy day. :)

Jacob Wright said...
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Heather and Jake said...

Ummm love your hair! I've been wanting to do something different with mine lately and I think you've just given me the courage to do so!

Andrea said...

Everyone wants to be a redhead. I understand.