Friday, March 28, 2014

Ready to Go!

I stayed home with Will so he could take a nap while Sterling took Ruthie to the Treehouse Museum this afternoon (his day off and our pass expires April 1st so we wanted to get some trips in). My plan was to put all our random papers (tax forms, insurance cards, things I've pulled out and haven't re-filed, etc.) away since there wouldn't be any kids around to terrorize my efforts.

I got distracted by thinking about how I should clear a space in our food storage room so that as I SLOWLY (ya know, the two toddler thing?, I'm thinkin' packing for an average of an hour a day is about what I'll be able to do) pack I'll have somewhere to put boxes. So I thought to myself, I should pack this bookshelf, then I can stack boxes along this wall. Which led to….packing my books.

I have given myself several lectures in my head about how we have to SERIOUSLY downsize for this move to Miami. We are sharing a moving van. We have amassed WAY too much stuff in this house (this is what happens when you get an incredible deal on a place to live and have a ton more room than you were used to). And I feel like it's time to de-junk anyway.

I've decided you can't de-junk books. Well, besides Sterling's shelf. I left that untouched in the hopes that I can DI them all…haha. So I have a few…maybe four…neat and tidy little boxes of books stacked along the wall.

I can officially say I'm ready to move to Miami. After looking longingly at each and every book that I have read at least three or four times (I only buy the books I REALLY love) I decided that my life would be complete if that is all that moves with us to Miami. I don't really need anything else.

I couldn't even give up my second copies of A Lantern In Her Hand (it's out of print) or Slave Dancer (I don't know why I have two copies, but it might come in handy) or Ender's Game (one for lending to people and one for staying on my shelf). I did find out I'm missing the 4th book of the Boxcar Children. I'm a little put out about that since I can see myself reading that out loud to Ruthie in a couple of years. She's also going to love my beautiful copies of Little House on the Prairie, the BFG, the Ordinary Princess, A Barrel of Laughs A Vale of Tears…oh yes, those books are definitely coming with us to Miami!

(PS Dad, I found your copy of the Citadel and All Things Bright and Beautiful and I will return them to you, thanks! Oh, and Wyatt, I pulled out all your P90X so I will get those to you too. I also found all the old Star Trek dvds that Sterling borrowed from a friend…we'll return those too. Anyone else think we have something of theirs that I should be looking for?!?! Haha.)

(PPS If anyone ever needs gift ideas Sterling and I need 1-3 and 7 of the Ranger's Apprentice. For some reason we own 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. Haha)


Kayli said...

I think my biggest 'packing' regret when I moved to Switzerland was not bringing enough books. I'm serious.
By the way, you also need 11 and 12 of Ranger's Apprentice. There are that many now.

Andrea said...

Interesting. Miriam and I just had a discussion about whether or not there was a 12th Ranger book. Must buy immediately.

Lindsay, if you only buy the books you love there will be a dearth of books for your boys. Since YA fiction has gone so far downhill, you can't just let your kids go to a library anymore (unless the book is pre-Twilight). Just something to consider.