Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Girl, One Boy, AND….

I am seventeen weeks (ish? I always tell myself I'm further along then I am and then I lose track) and so I wasn't technically scheduled for an ultrasound. Luckily, my doc took pity on my impatience and let me have a quick one this morning so I didn't have to wait another three weeks. Positively, absolutely, it is a……


I couldn't be more excited, of course! I can't wait to go back to Target and buy a matching dress with the one I just got for Ruthie! Too bad ultrasounds aren't in color, but I'm guessing this girl has brown hair and brown eyes. 
This looks a lot more clear in real life, but look at that cute little profile!
I couldn't pass up this picture. I don't know why I love it so much, I'm not even usually a big fan of ultrasound pictures. But that tiny little leg! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I just want to touch it and hold it and see it! 

We have a pretty easy time agreeing on girls names. Much, much easier than boy names. We're pretty positive this girly will be Molly Fay. Sterling LOVES the name Molly, and as he has often pointed out, it fits all my criteria: Gender specific, easy to pronounce, and an obvious spelling. Fay is my mom's middle name and I think it goes really nicely. I've already started teaching Ruthie that she's going to have a little sister named Molly. So…we could pull a Will and change it the day we have her, but that's the idea we have now. :)

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