Monday, March 24, 2014

Newsy Monday

  • Our biggest news first, we FINALLY heard back from the University of Utah. Sterling was wait listed, or placed on the alternate list. Sterling has actually been MORE excited about Miami's dual degree program, but obviously the $$ we'd save staying at the U would have been nice. There is still a chance that someone will decide not to go to the U before the start date, and in that case, depending on where we sit on the list, we'd have a chance to go to the U. The issues we foresee with that is that Miami starts two months earlier (because of the masters classes for the dual degree) and that is when most of that movement happens. If we're already in Miami, and Sterling has already started school, you actually can't switch. I, for one, am REALLY excited for Miami. Sterling is also really excited about the program and the sunshine and really, if not for the extra expenses, I think we would have chosen Miami over the U anyway. Stupid money. The fun thing about knowing this is that I can start planning--which is such a relief! The last couple weeks I've been watching all the other med school couples making steps towards moving and making decisions and I have been itching to start too!
  • In other, not as big of news, I found some GREAT deals on maternity tops at Kid to Kid today. I love it when you get some really nice, brand-new looking, $40 tops for a mere 6.99. I went in there looking for some blue jeans for Ruth and a couple t-shirts for Will. No luck in either department. I did, however, see a Puma track jacket in Will's size that was the most adorable thing in my life. I was good and didn't buy it. I'm already sad about it. 
  • Continuing with the news, my brother-in-law Jared turned 40 and my sister threw him a big surprise 70's themed party. I won FIRST place for costume! (I do have to say, I didn't realize I was sucking up to the judges when I wore my mother's old dress and boots from the 70's, I had no idea she'd be judging!!!) Sterling looked pretty stellar in his super tight plaid pants, but I do have to say my brother Wyatt took the cake. He looked like Chip off Napoleon. It was awful. I liked it. We were ALSO on the winning team (all the games had points) and that was pretty awesome too. I was supposed to see how many free throws I could hit out of 6. I was 0-6. It was a little bit more than embarrassing(especially since my current boss-I'm covering a maternity leave in Morgan-was on my team). I can't believe my skills have gone down that much. In my defense, I hit the rim or board almost every time. And I can do over 20 boy push-ups, while pregnant, which is more than any of my sisters--except for maybe Megan, who did not respond to the poll on our family website. I actually did that many push-ups just a couple weeks ago at a Relief Society Olympics activity. There was a 9+ months pregnant lady on our team and then a bunch of 70+ year olds. So I pretty much did every single one of the active events. I did them. And then I was sore for a week after. Sigh. I really should start working out.
  • Now that I have rambled long enough to drive anyone crazy, here are some pictures:
Andrea took these, and she got a LITTLE crazy that my camera takes pictures so fast. So crazy, that this one with Sterling's head cut off is one of her best. And somehow, sadly, we didn't get a picture of Wyatt. I sure hope someone did, because it was amazing, really!
See how huge I am already? This third baby thing is no joke. Mom said she wore this dress when she was pregnant with Andrea. 

Too bad you can't see the plaid of Sterling's pants that well.

There were really some stellar costumes. It was great. And it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't add a couple ADORABLE photos of my little man!

He thinks standing up is a ninja move. Haha!


Kayli said...

I'm glad you had pictures of the birthday party-- Megan's pants were AMAZING. I liked your dress too. Too bad there aren't more pictures of the party.

Congrats on knowing where you're going- yay Miami!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone got a pic of Wyatt but if you didn't I don't know who would. I forgot my camera. cute pics.
Those are really cute of Will.
Can I say congrats on Miami ----- not really! But good to know.
Love you, Mom