Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cutest Kids Alive

 It has already been expressed on this blog that my kids are the cutest. They are. But these pictures are especially cute. It should also be noted that Will looks especially big. And that makes me especially sad.  Sigh. 

Will's new trick of standing up for unlimited amounts of time accompanied with loads of giggling and lots of clapping by the audience:

There has never been a cuter picture. Those dark eyes. Those red cheeks. Those funny teeth because he has his molars and not his canines. That perfect smile. He's so handsome. Oh my little man, I just love you to pieces!
This is probably the cutest picture I have ever taken of the both of them together. Will is standing up, so he doesn't look all squished, Ruth is being nice and not choke-holding him. They both are looking at the camera. Will's car is not the greatest, but that couldn't be helped. Oh I have the two cutest children alive.

And just so you aren't deceived that these two are as angelic as they look…let me tell you about what happened AFTER the pictures. Sterling worked, so I was flying solo at church today. I had to use the bathroom too many times and it is really difficult to take both kids with you into a stall! Then I told the nursery leaders Ruthie had panties on and that I couldn't come back for an hour cause I'd be teaching. She had an accident. I had extra clothes-but not a church outfit. So she wore a pink-striped long-sleeve shirt under her dress without tights or socks. Sigh. Then Will's bottle leaked but I didn't notice. The front of his shirt was SOPPING by the end of Relief Society. So I took my half-clad children and left as soon as church was over. 
Thank you to the lady who took Will while I got Ruth cleaned up. And thank you to the lady who gave Ruth hugs when she banged her head and I was already trying to manage two bags and a baby in my arms. And thank you to the family who sat behind us and adopted Will when he decided to crawl back there and fed him and hugged him for the rest of Sacrament Meeting. 
Now…back to the cuteness of those pictures. My kids really ARE the cutest, bestest, greatest, most wonderfully beautiful kids alive. I'm so happy they're mine!


Anonymous said...

Love, love the cute pics. Will does look so big in that first pic. What a cutie pie. And I love the first one of the kids together. It is adorable. And I like all the other pics. I caught up tonight - clear back to when you posted pics with me playing with the kids. Great capture of the airplane museum. Good pics.
Love you. Mom

Aleesha Burke said...

So cute!