Friday, December 12, 2014

4 Months

Just writing that my baby is four months old makes me want to cry. I don't know if it's from exhaustion and delirium because she is so fussy and I am so tired, but I think it's because she's getting big and for some reason it's hit much harder with baby #3 than with my previous babes. I do have to say though, that maybe hitting the four month mark was a great and marvelous timing event. We have cut down screaming times to only about twice a day, and one of them is before bed and I've started just laying her in her crib for 'sleep training' or whatever you choose to call it. First night was forty minutes, last night was twenty--and this was at 8 o'clock, not 10pm like she usually screams til. Things are looking on the upside in that department, crossing my fingers it keeps up!

Molly was not a huge fan of family pictures. But look at Ruth's hair! The humidity always makes her curls fall out super fast, but they look so pretty for a minute!
 Molly is my skinniest baby. I keep expecting her to chunk up and get round, but she really hasn't. It feels odd to pick her up sometimes--so light and little feeling! But she is TALL! In length she fits six month pajamas and pants. 

She is SOOOO smiley and I love it! Her smile lights up her entire face and makes her ears poke out even more and it is the most endearing thing ever. Also her hair is starting to grow in and it is at a really fuzzy stage right now. Every single time Ruth walks by she rubs Molly's head, it's just that fun.

Awww...remember when Ruthie wore this dress?
She does this a lot--looks at her fingers, plays with her hands, and then sticks them in her mouth. Sometimes she sucks so hard she gives herself a hickey, haha.

She looks perfectly angelic all the time. She is such a beautiful baby!

That grin! Oh how I love love love love it! 
That drool. Constant.

I know I've posted this picture already, but I had to again. 
 Even though she's really fussy and that has made me seriously reconsider how many children I want, every time I kiss those soft baby cheeks I want a thousand more. I use that exact number when talking to Sterling and he gets a bit alarmed. Haha.

These were taken just today, so real time here people.

This is what she normally looks like to me. Ruth and Will are constantly in her face, poor girl. 
Those eyes. That fuzzy hair. Haha!

Everyone loves Molly. Ruth is her designated 'holder' in the bathtub while she gets washed and cleaned. It's a very important job and she does it fabulously...mostly. Will shoves anyone else away to make sure he can get a kiss on her head at any given time. He also likes to hold her in her carseat and is the most concerned when she is crying. Ruth picks out her clothes almost every day (as well as Will's and her own) and brings them to me with a clean diaper and wipes. She also updates me from the back of the van on what Molly is doing in her carseat. "Mom, Molly's sleeping!" or "Mom, Molly woke up!" Awesome, thanks for the updates Ruthie. 

On top of smiling, we have also heard a few laughs! Mostly from tickling her under her chin, or scaring her with Christmas carols, but Ruth has also got her to laugh with making funny noises. I love baby laughs. So much fun! She's not rolling over yet, but she doesn't get much floor time because I worry she'll get trampled, so I'm not too worried.

I don't know what I would do without my little miss Molly Fay. Four months sounds way to close to six months, which is basically a year, which means she is growing up WAY TOO fast! How to enjoy every minute of it and stop time and live all at once? The age-old question, I'm sure. 

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Megan and Jared said...

She is so cute! I see so much of both Ruth and Will in her. You make beautiful babies so go ahead and have 1000 more :)