Thursday, December 18, 2014

Baby Perfection

Little Miss Molly Fay has definitely been my fussiest baby and that has brought its challenges. The other morning I went visiting teaching and was reminded of RSV and how Will was in the hospital at three weeks old and how we had to give him nebulizer treatments FOREVER afterwards. Every step in life has its challenges and I would not want to relive that one. So this Christmas, I am very very thankful that my beautiful babies are healthy, happy, and oh so sweet and wonderful right now. And cross your fingers--because I think the colic stage has passed!!! Molly still gets fussy before falling asleep, but its nothing out of the ordinary and doesn't last very long. We'll take it! Just in time for Christmas, and definitely the best present she could give us!

I love it when babies play with their feet and she is definitely into that stage!
So many wonderful smiles from this little angel! So soft and squishy and baby perfect! Poor thing might get cuddled to pieces, we just love on her so much! 

This is what she looks like for tummy time, haha. Trying to keep your head up and keep your fingers in your mouth is hard work, I tell ya what!

One more piece of gratefulness today, Sterling just took his final!!!! We can start REALLY celebrating Christmas around here because Daddy is home! (on his way now!) Now if we could just figure out how to get our 3 yr old to start sleeping on a normal schedule again....haha. Only six days til Christmas!

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