Monday, December 1, 2014


We celebrated Thanksgiving with a few of our most favorite people in Miami. Friends from our apartment complex and the ward and med school. I think we had 12 adults and 16 kids. I am so thankful to have met so many wonderful friends here. I've talked with Sterling about meeting friends and how I wish there was enough time to really forge the close friendships with every single person that I'd like to. Does that make sense? I meet people and I think 'Wow, they are so amazing and such a great family and I want to be their best friend.'  I just wish there was more time in a life to make that happen! The people at our feast were ones I really look up to and admire and enjoy being around and hope to learn from and aspire to. It made for a great dinner.

Add to that some INCREDIBLE food--the Thanksgiving dinner works--as well as an entire backyard to play in, and we had an absolutely great day. I don't realize how stressful city living is with kids until I get a break from it. Sterling and I came home and talked about how nice it was to just let the kids play. On their own. In a backyard. Without any worry. With lots of kids to occupy them. It really was such a relief and so relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Brother Hadley also said he missed babies, so he stole my fussy Molly for a bit and got her to sleep for me, and that was ALSO a huge relief and relaxer. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to spend a holiday away from family. 

Kaden is my main man. He is an awesome piano student, but he really wins me over with his love for Will. He thinks Will is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, and since I am prone to agree, I think Kaden is pretty great back. Seriously, on Sunday Will saw Kaden in the parking lot and he let out this yell of joy and ran right up to him! Sweetest thing ever. The following is Kaden climbing a tree without any branches. This kid has skill. 

That other little redhead is Lyla and even though she's almost three years older than Ruth they are about the same size and absolutely adorable.
I chopped my hair before Thanksgiving. I was scared. But I love it. A lot. I might never go back. Miami heat+3 babies requires a hair cut such as this.

Molly is the cutest baby ever.
Will and Ruth both played with and threw these fruit/nut things around all day. Miami trees grow the strangest things.

Look at the sunshine in this picture! The weather was a nice 70 degrees and that meant we could eat outside and play outside without any sweating involved. The mosquitoes came out at dusk like they always do, but it was still so pretty.

For Beth: Ruthie took some pretty great shots of you guys!

There was a lot of tree climbing. I approve of that sort of thing and I'm glad Ruth is getting big enough to join in a bit.

Sterling finds it a little hard to swallow that Will enjoys baby dolls so much. He spent the entire afternoon pushing this around. So sweet.

Lots of chatting:

Lots of playing:

Lots of beautiful sunshine:

Thats not all of us, but the most that I took a picture of. 

What a wonderful holiday. 

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