Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Almost Christmas

Not much has been happening around these parts. My sister had a baby girl (grandchild #45!!!!) and she is going to be Molly's best friend at family reunions, so that is awesome. I want to start gung-ho on the Christmas activities, but then I realize I have three kids three and under and decide to wait until Sterling is out of school for the break. Which is Friday. So I feel a little like the train "I think I can, I think I can...make it to Friday" and then we are going to PARTY! The weather is beautiful so we've still been doing park and zoo days and just trying to keep busy. We had the missionaries over last night and we had roast and mashed potatoes and my gravy turned out! Almost five years into a marriage and I finally got some gravy to work...haha! Molly is teething and I can see the white spots under her gums so I'm just hoping they come through soon and we get over this. I have a sister in Pittsburgh right now looking for a house and I'm a tad bit jealous that that is about ten years away for us--haha. They've done that road though, so I can't be too jealous. I miss my mom's chocolates enough that I think I might brave making some. Maybe. On Sunday we made caramel popcorn and watched the new Nativity on mormon.org--its really great. I have been loving #HeistheGift and all the cool things they have done this year.  We were also celebrating Sterling being home since he went to a conference all weekend at Amelia Island. He said it was amazing and the food was incredible--I am just glad I survived church(remarkably well, actually, maybe I should pray that hard about my kids being good at church every week?).

After that boring report, here are a few pics. This top one of my hair for my sisters who said they'd like to see more photos.

The next few photos are courtesy of Ruthie photography--she is getting quite talented---and look at my boy! I just love him so! He really loves dolls right now. He acts just like they are Molly. Every time I go to lay her in the swing there is a doll safely tucked into it, or put Molly in the carseat and there is already a doll completely strapped in. He LOVES pulling out wipes and using it to wipe the doll's little bum and then lays it over the doll like its a blanket and gives his final work a pat--it's the cutest.

Ruthie is the best at candid shots. 

And one more look cause I can't stop laughing.


Lynn said...

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!! Like seriously gorgeous!! I bet it's way easier to take care of too. Merry Merry Christmas! Christmas is the best of times when the kids are little. Missing those days. However...looking forward to all the young adults coming home to stay! Just wish I had more bed space....or just space in general for all these bigger bodies! lol

Anonymous said...

Cutie cute cute pictures of you!! You should always wear grey and do your hair exactly like that.

Maybe you can start being jealous of us if we ever find a house that we both like...

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! I love you hair. It makes you look older too, in a good way, as in mature enough to have 3 kids and not be in high school. :) kami