Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It's December. It's December?!!?! Since when did that happen? I can't decide whether to be astounded and woeful at the rate my babies are growing up and that another year has passed or dancing with excitement for Christmas---I am seriously SO EXCITED for Santa to come and to watch Ruth and Will! I think we'll make a countdown today. Or ornaments. If Molly will stay happy--she's had a good run for about two days now. She is currently sleeping--so you can thank this post for taking up my shower time. Haha!

Yeah, this was the best we got. At least Will looks absolutely adorable sporting his new do! 
Again, I had to post this one just because Will is such a stud. 
Sweet kisses...kind of.  

The undergrad campus is pretty close to our house (I've posted about it before) and for finals week they put up hammocks. HAMMOCKS. Have you ever been in a hammock before? I had not. Until now. It blew my mind. Having a hammock in our future house is now on our bucket list. I had no idea what I was missing, these things are the real deal!
Appropriately orange and green. 
Pretty fountain.
We fit all five of us in one. Yup. You bet we did. And we liked it, too.
Well, most of us did. Molly looks a bit unsure about the whole spectacle. 
When your hair flips up and out, I'm a big fan of going with it. In retrospect---it looks a little crazy. oh well.

I really wanted to document this event, so I conned a passing student into taking our picture. She thought Ruth's hair was amazing, of course. 

Ruth and Will just enjoying the view. 
Of course, our enjoyment was cut short due to the fact that toddlers cannot sit still for longer than two seconds, even in such divine seating as a hammock offers. So we explored the fountain.

Then we commenced on our walk around the lake. No crocodiles this time, either, but I'm determined to see one since the sign says they are there! Haha.

They light up the fountain in the lake at night, it's gorgeous.

Pro dad. Two babies and both of them happy!

Prepare yourself for the CUTEST BABY ALIVE!

If you can pick yourself up off the floor, we now present the cutest redheaded 3 yr old there ever was! How is she big enough to go to Sunbeams next month?!?!?!!?!?!

She REALLY wanted this pink sweater. She doesn't have a sweater (or jacket, or coat for that matter) that currently fits her and since we had a ten dollar coupon (for buying two boxes of diapers) and it was only five bucks, I, obviously, could not say no. We bought it extra big (the sleeves are rolled up) so that it will take us through this winter and next fall as well. Although, the only time she'll probably REALLY need it is if we make it to Utah this summer and it cools down in the evenings. Haha. 
Oh my. Is that not the cutest child you have ever ever ever seen?

Sad face.
Crazy face. 
Oh I love that spaz.
And just so that it is noted. Ruth is not the only one with a shoe fetish around this house. He wears everyone's shoes all the time. Poor kid is stuck with pink and purple choices though, since he comes after Ruthie!

We're just enjoying this first part of December. Sterling has a conference this weekend and I am not looking forward to an entire weekend all by myself. But after that he takes tests and then its CHRISTMAS! YAY!

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Lindsey said...

First off, you'd never been in a hammock before?! With your huge family?! They are amazing and bring back so many childhood memories for me. The campus looks so fun with those up! Your kids are indeed cute!