Thursday, December 18, 2014

Other Family Photo Favs

This was the other contender for best one, but Sterling didn't like his face as much and Molly wasn't looking. Although Ruthie looked cuter, and Will was about the same, haha. 
You have no idea how many Ruthie pulled that face for.
My girls.
My boys.
Best kisses ever.

Kisses all around!
Three cutest kids alive. Not that I'm biased or anything.

I love how Will is getting squished and he is squishing Molly's cheeks.

Sterling's face---makes my awkwardness all worth it. Oh I married a handsome man!
And we produced one handsome kid.

We had tried, pre-haircut to get a family photo. The below picture was our best. Which, isn't too bad really. Molly's squished weird, Will isn't smiling and he's a little too close to me. The water background is beautiful. My hair isn't flying too crazy (all the other photos my hair was all over the place!). I thought a second try would be better. I love all of the photos and can never have too many, so thanks to everyone who traded and helped!

Poor Molly.
We live in Miami. Weird.
Looking back, this ones pretty cute, we could definitely have used this one. I'm just usually partial to close-ups. But I like this one more and more haha.

Me and my gang. 

This often happens. It used to make Ruth scream and scream. Oddly enough, it never seems to bother Molly, sweet thing.
 We originally traded taking pictures with some friends of ours. This particular family ended up with such GREAT shots it made me want to become a photographer, so I have to share.

I love, love, love this photo.
Maybe next year will be the magic year that all three smile? Ha. Ha. Ha. All right, all right, I get it. Three kids now, it'll never happen. Kayli? Work your magic?

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