Monday, December 1, 2014

Black Friday

Thanks to our wonderful friends the van Leeuwen's, we started Black Friday off right with some family pictures. They turned out awesome, thanks so much Beth! Before we left I snapped some quick ones of the kids.

I should've taken Beth up on her offer to take some of just Sterling and I, once I thought about it. So I had Ruthie work her magic.

When we got home we decided to crank out some of the house work that needed to be done. Sterling pulled out a bunch of plants from our back patio because I think we get more bugs due to them, plus it gives us more space to play. I did laundry and cleaned up and the kids played in their fort.

Then we all went outside together to wash the van.
My kids love the drains in Miami. They are everywhere because of the torrential rain.

We planned on relaxing the rest of the afternoon, but once naps were over and kids woke up again, we decided to take daddy with us to the zoo for the last few hours it was open, since he never gets to come with us. Usually we go at 10am to beat the heat and the children's petting zoo is not open yet, so it was fun see something we haven't yet!
This parrot had the funniest 'oh boy!' ever.

So nice to have an extra couple of hands!
This rhino really gave us a show! He was racing back and forth and his 'armor' was flapping--so interesting to see!

Daddy's magic touch.

Ruthie worked hard to scare off this squirrel.
Her outfit choices. I love it.

Sterling really liked the hyenas and even called them cute. I beg to differ.
We ended our zoo adventures with some time at the park but it was really busy there and a little crazy. Lucky Sterling was there so we could each have one kid to follow around.

Sterling took a test on Wednesday so he had absolutely zero homework to do over the break. It was heavenly. It is making me so excited for Christmas break!


Kayli said...

That second picture of Will is the most adorable thing ever!!!

And YOUR HAIR!!! I LOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that football hoodie used to be ours. And little Megan did dye her hair.

Kayli said...

Also, the two pictures that Ruthie took of you and Sterling are AMAZING that she took them! And I love them both, but I really love teh second one, adn I would probably put it up on my wall. Your hair is soooooo awesome. Mom loves it too.