Thursday, February 12, 2015

6 months

We're just full of milestones over at this house! Happy 6 months to baby Molly!
Sweetest matchy-matchy sisters that ever there was!

Love this one.
 Six months. How is that even possible? Shouldn't someone be working on the miracle invention to slow down time?! 

We love everything about Molly. Six months to nine months is definitely my favorite age, and she is no exception. Round little rolls on her little thighs and bum, soft little baby skin, flyaway hair, the most squish able cheeks that I just can't get enough of, and little giggles and laughs that are absolute perfection.
Trying to make noise with her tongue--she does this constantly lately.

Molly celebrated six months in the ER. It was awesome. She sits in the bumbo chair on top of our kitchen table all of the time when we are eating dinner. Right beside her. And really, our table is fairly big and there's no where for her to go.  Yesterday she decided she was big enough to kick against the table with her feet and scoot herself off the edge when I walked away for two seconds to grab a rag from under the sink. It was heart breaking and horrible and basically your worst nightmare. I actually figured she was just fine, but her head had one spot that was already bruising and felt a little swollen, so we headed over to the ER. Because if anything is worse than that terrible feeling of your child hurting, it would be that they hurt even more without you knowing, right? (She was just fine by the way, and the staff was incredible with all of the kids and couldn't get over how cute Molly was and how still she stayed for the CT scan!)

Lookin' cool, Molly.
Those eyes!

See those two bottom teeth poking up? 

Stats about Molly. At her last dr.'s appointment she was 70th percentile for height and 20th for weight. Luckily, the dr isn't concerned at all, and we just have a little string bean on our hands! A strong one--all she ever wants to do is stand and she can do it all by herself! We were lucky enough to get a walker from a friend here in Miami and she loves it-pushes herself backwards across our entire living room! She also rolls over and over to get where she wants.

She has two bottom teeth and has been working on her two uppers for about two weeks now. I'm not a fan and wish they would just poke through all the way. She has a pretty low attachment on her upper lip frenulum though (tongue tie of the upper lip, basically) and while not a problem(except for maybe causing braces and needing to be surgically cut when she has permanent teeth) I personally think that it might be making it harder for those upper teeth to come down. 

Molly is super GRABBY right now. You can't leave your plate in front of you, or your drink, or the keyboard, haha. She stills squeaks at the top of her lungs and everyone always thinks she's upset--but she's just babbling. In a super high octave. Haha. 

She's not a huge fan of baby food, the few times we've attempted it. But the other day I put it on a soother and gave it to her and she liked that--mostly I think the soother felt good on her gums. She puts up amazingly well with her older siblings and Ruth and Will's favorite game lately is getting her to laugh and smile. 

We love you Molly! 
(Now...we're all going to start working on that slowing down time machine, right?!)

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She is cuter than ever!! -Kayli