Monday, February 23, 2015


I'm just going to repost this from my family's site, so that it's documented here!
Well, in the past week and a half we have had an ER visit, an anniversary, an incredibly flat tire on a 8 lane highway, a birthday, a WWIII invasion of the ants (and consequently throwing away and re-purchasing several baking items), an Elders Quorum party (no one really showed so we were the lucky partakers of DIVINE bbq skewers), two temple trips (challenged by the stake presidency), Sterling performed a baptism (twice, haha) for an 11 yr old boy he home teaches, I accompanied the musical number at stake conference tonight, a follow-up dr visit, and getting our tire replaced. 

Now. To breathe and sleep and only go to two hours of conference tomorrow and spend the rest of the day with my family!!!!!!! YAY! (Also, Molly's teeth are so close I can feel the sharpness of them through her gums...just get on with it already and we can enjoy a happy baby again!)

I do have to say, Molly is healthy and not broken, our tire was covered on warranty along with the roadside assistance, and the ants have reduced to two or three every time I walk in the kitchen and think about them instead of hundreds, so things are definitely in our favor!

Also, last week I said hello to a couple that was visiting (going on a cruise, we get that ALL THE TIME) and they were from Magrath. Of all places, haha! I can't remember their names now...

It was freezing here this week, too. Got BELOW SIXTY!!!! It was revolutionary. People at the grocery store were in winter coats with SCARVES and MITTENS! A teen in our ward said that kids at school showed up in SNOW PANTS and BOOTS! AHHAAHAAAHAAA!!!!! I have to admit, I kept a hoodie on and put all my kids in long pants. Had to do laundry because Will only has one pair of long pants and those are a lucky hand-me-down from a lady in our stake. It warmed back up to 74 today though.

Sterling has some AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING news!!!! He applied for and was accepted to do a rural family medicine internship in Washington DC this summer for four weeks, right by the white house!!!! Now that he's been accepted he can go ahead and apply for a scholarship, so we're crossing our fingers on that one. Also, he got a scholarship given to him to go to a 1 day family medicine conference in Philadelphia in April which is AWESOME because they just give him a check for expenses, but Adam and Aleesha are totally letting him stay there, so we should be able to save a little bit of it! YAY STERLING!

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