Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February in Miami, Coral Gables Farmer's Market

We've had a few rainy days, especially the first week of the month, but mostly it has been breezy seventies and sunshine. Gotta love it! (Right now I'm thinking it's about the only thing to love, considering my tire just got slashed.) 

One morning we had plans to go to the zoo with our adorable little friend Clarke, but it ended up pouring (most of the day, actually, which is unusual for Miami) so we went to Barnes and Noble and played with the train instead.

Will's happy place.

Cutie pie rolling all around.
Clarke had just held her hand. It was the absolute cutest! 
Thanks grandma, for the pi's! We love them!
Ruth wears this every night now. Ribbon, ruffles, bows. It was made for Ruthie.
 A few weekends ago we went to a Farmer's Market. Sterling wanted some family time but didn't have a lot of time to give, so we thought we'd spend a couple quick hours here in the early morning. We forgot where we were for a minute there. No Miamian in their right mind is up early, let alone out and about. So we strolled all the lonesome streets all by ourselves and the quiet vendors, then walked Miracle Mile, and came back just in time to see some real activity going on before heading out. It was actually really great. Low-key, close parking, and quiet. Also--let it be known, this Farmer's Market could take a lesson from Ogden. Oh, Ogden, how we miss your wonderful Farmer's Market that felt more like a fair! (I must say though, the guacamole and cuban rolls here were AMAZING!)
The fire truck handed out coloring books and hats.

So pretty. I sometimes wish we could just shop at places like this every day for our meals. And snacks. Then I remember how much work that would be and I'm thankful for our monthly Sam's Club runs.

The start of Miracle Mile.

We were SOOOO tempted to go here. Oh the shows we will see someday!!!!

Yeah, way to represent! Also, palm trees and the Canadian flag? Funny combo.

So this next picture was our favorite place. He was quite the salesman, and he stood out there with a tray and had us try so many things. One of which was something sorrel--and it was AMAZING! Kind of like rhubarb? That's really the only thing I can think of to compare it to. Then they served it to us as a pesto on bread and I was in love. So we bought some sorrel to bring home and try making our own pesto. It hasn't come out quite the same yet (my blender doesn't like pulverizing all those leafy greens so much) but I'm getting there. The effort is well worth it, I think.

We also tried one of these chocolate pastries---they are famous for them, supposedly. They were amazing. Also, the guy here was super cool and threw in two miniature rolls for Will and Ruthie for free. They loved them!
Here was the stuff I fell in love with:

Her baby roll.

It was pretty relaxed and the smells were AMAZING. I want to go back every Saturday just to try a different Cuban dish every time. Saturday morning tradition? I think so. (Don't worry though Ogden, we missed you and your crazy booths and your train and your gunfighting and your horses!)

Also, don't let the fact that everyone is wearing jackets deceive you. It was easily 76 degrees. Haha.