Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I like to pretend that I know something about photography sometimes. Which I don't. But I do love taking pictures and having fun. So I tried this photo shoot a couple weeks ago(I had the outfits for individual pictures that I get taken at JCP for the kids' milestones.) and it was a disaster. The lighting was perfect when I had the idea, but by the time the kids were all ready (I had to feed Molly) it was too high and making all these shadows. Then Ruth pressed a button on my camera and suddenly my camera wasn't focusing anymore and so half the time I didn't know if the picture was blurry or not (they usually were). I've figured out the button she pressed now, but hadn't at the time. 

Still though, I learned a lot, had some fun, and got some semi-decent pictures with really cute smiles. It's all about the learning, I guess, even if they are a photographer's fail. At least my kids are the cutest.

Three kids---this is the life.
I was tickling them with a bear to make them smile, but it was obviously a little too much for Molly, haha! 
Sterling thought this was weird and that I should never do it again. I said they are babies and it is just fine. I think it's adorable. 

Gah! I wish this had come out clear. 100x better than the one I ended up buying from JCP. Ruff. But I do have THE CUTEST BABY EVER!!!!!!
Nothing to do with these pictures, we spent Valentine's morning on a family bike ride to a little side-of-the-road produce market where we got a fresh strawberry shake. Maybe it was such a great ride cause I gave a blood sacrifice at the beginning--not literally, of course--- I sliced my finger trying to get the kids bike seat together and it was so deep I looked at it and almost fainted. I think it's ridiculous that I do that, but when I thought that to myself and stood up, I had to sit right back down again. Haahaa. Also, at first I just thought it hurt, I didn't realize I sliced it, so I shook my hand to 'shake off the pain' ya know. Little blood droplets all over the floor and table because of that. So let that be a lesson, I guess-don't shake off the pain. So back to bikes-Ruth is riding like a master now, and it was such a great time. When we got back to our complex we let Will ride his bike around for a bit and he is all of a sudden super CRAZY fast on his balance bike. He cruises so fast that both of his feet will be in the air at the same time. It's awesome. We took some pictures but my camera died--so I'll recap later. Now Sterling is off to study and I am off to clean bathrooms :( and do laundry. We did have a date night last night though--it was the very first outing without Molly!!!!! Our awesome friend watched our kids and they were so excited, didn't even look back at us when we said goodbye! Sterling and I got cheap Chinese at the mall (which was delicious) and went home and took a nap for two hours. Literally. It was kind of ridiculously sad but felt so amazing we loved it. Love that man. Love having reasons to go on dates and spend extra time together!



Anonymous said...

Super duper cute!! I love all the pictures!!
I totally think it's adorable for tiny kids to kiss. Some of my favorite pictures in the world are kids kissing.
The box of stuff for me to send Ruthie is getting fuller.
Sorry about your finger. That is sad.
The picture that you love the most of Molly is blurry, but the one just above it is clear and pretty much just as good.
The end.

Lindsey said...

Cute idea! I do agree with Stirling on the kissing on the lips deal! ...looks kind of gross...but it's all good! You have cute kids!

Aleesha Burke said...

I agree with you! They are babies! Not weird. My kids do it all the time. haha