Tuesday, February 24, 2015


After a brief stint at 60 degrees, Miami ended winter and went straight to August. Okay, not a Miami August, but it felt like August outside! 84 degrees and the sun was just beating down! We headed to the zoo bright and early and had such a great time! They started Dinosaurs Live at the zoo and it is really fun! They have a bunch of life-size animatronic (I think thats what the sign called it) dinosaurs that moved their heads and blinked their eyes and made big roaring sounds. Ruth was a little nervous at first, luckily little Caroline was there and she was squealing with joy, and Ruth couldn't help but enjoy them, too!

It seems like we tend to go to the zoo for more 'play' time now than actual animal sights. The animals are fun, but there are so many other fun things to do as well!

Breakfast! Our favorite turtles all in one spot!

That was about as far as we made it before deciding that the splash pad would be preferable in the heat. It really wasn't too bad, we just aren't used to it already!

Those eyes are just so adorable! I love it!
I love this, too. The way you can see the perfect baby curve of her cheeks! Love her.
Oooh I just LOVE this little string bean of mine! Photo Cred: Beth

Will and Caroline were just hilarious together for a while there! And see the bag of fishy crackers she was carrying around? Haha, she wanted a real pet!

Want a wet and soggy fishy? Haha.

Oh the weather felt so great. Can't wait to get back and see more of the dinosaurs! 

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Kami said...

Molly is adorable and you looked great in the photos too.