Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!

With our anniversary, my birthday, and Valentine's all in February we decided to splurge a little on something the whole family can enjoy (and we can use for at least the next three years!).

We had been dreaming for quite some time about biking around the city together as a little family, and thrown ideas around of how that could work. There are no mountains here so there is no hiking (our favorite) or sledding, or snow shoeing, or...any of our Utah activities basically. It's pretty chilly right now for the little ones to be swimming (we will live in the pool pretty soon, I'm sure) so we hit on biking. We both love it, there are tons of trails and paths and places to go around here. We loved our trip to the Everglades. I just didn't have a bike (it broke when Sterling was using it to get to work at McKay Dee). And we didn't have seats for the kids. We started hunting on craigslist and at garage sales. It took quite a bit of hunting but we found some used things that are working out awesome! Happy February Celebrations to us! Now we can't wait to get out and USE all of our exciting new gear. We took my bike and the baby seat for a stroll last Saturday morning, but we were missing a tiny little piece to the bike trailer, so we haven't taken that one out yet. 

No bike trailer meant Ruthie was all on her own for this trip and she did AMAZING! She was so excited to ride her bike to the market and get ice cream and so proud of herself for doing so well! I must say I doubted she would make it, but now I bet she could have gone further!
Strawberry shake for the bikers(and riders)!

Next time I hope they still have the fresh Guava shake, cause I really want to try it. Ruthie wanted blueberry but they were all out so she stuck with strawberry. It was amazing, of course.
 I am still so over-the-top excited about this! 

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