Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Shenanigans

We traded babysitting with one of our favorite families. We went out last weekend and they went out this weekend so we got to spend some time with their kids. I LOVE it---it makes me homesick for my favorite Barney family. Ruth loves hanging out with all of them, but especially Claire, and when they left she said "I just love Claire, she needs to come right back." haha.
There was SO MUCH dress-up going on. Love it.
Will is SO IN LOVE with Kaden. Whenever he comes over for piano or sees him at church he instantly lights up and squeals and races towards him. Kaden is from a house full of girls so they have a special brother-bond going on.
Sterling was concerned the other night when he saw Molly almost disappearing under the couch. It happens all the time and it doesn't matter where you put her, she rolls and scoots backwards until she is lodged under the couch, funny girl!

We had stake conference on Sunday so we had an entire day to spend together! Yay! We went on a nice relaxing bike ride. So relaxing that the girls slept the entire way!
We started out like this, but ended up with Ruth in the trailer and Will on my bike.
Our trailer is useable! The part actually came last week, right as all of our crazy busy-ness started, so this was the first real ride!

And two sleeping girlies. And yes, Molly's straps needed to be readjusted, but we hadn't anticipated her sitting there. It can fit much better.

Our entourage.
My bike!!!!!!

It was such a beautiful ride around our neighborhood. It felt great to spend some time as a family since we have been all over the place this past week!

Then we had some crazy fun times at home. Actually, I laid on the couch and called "where are you Ruthie? where are you Will?" and they came running out and laughing hysterically. I love it when so much fun is so easy!
She is always wanting to hold Molly.

Sorry, I just couldn't cut any of those out, they were such big happy smiley pictures!!!

On to our big news for Molly--she can sit up! I didn't even know, she is always on such hard surfaces I just lay her down, but last night Sterling was reading stories so I sat her up and she totally can! haha. (for a minute or so at a time anyway)

Awww, more happy grins! Love my kids! 

Glad we had such a great Sunday because Sterling has a test in a week that is supposedly really hard and is basically going to be gone the entire week. But I've filled it up with lots of play groups, story time, visiting teaching appointments, etc. so hopefully it goes fast!

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Aleesha Burke said...

Ruth looks huge all asleep next to Molly! haha And those are some happy kids! cute! And I want to ride my bike!!