Friday, March 20, 2015

Rub Dub Dub

This is parenting joy, right here. I have this big picture dream for my kids. That they will love and enjoy and play and be the best of friends with their siblings for their entire life. You can never have too many siblings. My family and my brothers and sisters are my greatest blessings trumped only by my husband my kids :) I have such high hopes that my kids will have that same incredible experience. 

So it makes my mama heart happy when they play together. REALLY playing and enjoying themselves. They also hit and bite (Will!) and scream at each other at times (as I also did with several of my siblings) but lately, they seem to have a lot more times of getting along than not, and it is just so much fun to watch. The tub seems to be a magical place where they focus on a game and play nicely. Usually cooking. This is Will's FAVORITE game right now, and he is always cooking cookies, big surprise. They put water in the ikea stacking cups, cover them up with rags or lids, wait a period of time, pull them off and stir them and eat them, etc. It gets pretty involved, actually. The other day they were cooking a ninja man. Intense, I know. Haha! 

This right here is what I mean. Those faces! That laughter! Aww I just want to bottle that up forever!
Oh my Ruthie-girl, how I LOVE you!
Will's cheese face.
An even more intense cheese face. HAAHAAHAAA! 
I won the golden ticket! This photo!
Will saying "be-bee, kiss. Be-bee kiss."
Awww, sweet kisses.
And that's what Molly had to say about that. Hahaa. She may get mauled by love a little bit too much!
And that is what Will had to say after that. He was actually being really nice and pointing to her ear and saying 'ear, ear' which he does frequently with everyone's body parts lately (at least he's learning, right!?) and then he suddenly snagged her. Poor Molly. She's so loved we have to protect her from it! Haha. 
Don't worry, I put my camera down and saved Molly after that. Will is actually incredibly sweet with Molly and I just adore watching them. He has no patience when Ruth is doing something he doesn't like and he starts to fight right away. But when Molly does something he doesn't like, he just sits there patiently, sometimes softly patting her head saying "No be-bee, No be-bee." Today he was DESPERATE for cookies, and I gave in and we went to the store and picked some out. Sidenote: We got some black and white cookies, all the rage so I hear, and they were pretty good. I thought they were ok, but not worth the swoonings I have heard, but Sterling is in LOVE with them. So, that's our take on the black and white cookie trend. So we were at the store, he picked out some cookies, we got our other groceries and Molly started trying to grab the cookies out of Will's hands (they were side by side in the seats and Ruth was sitting inside the cart). Will is so possessive and was so excited about his cookies, I feared for Molly, but he just sat there, clinging to his cookies, saying "no be-bee, no be-bee." It was the sweetest! Then he put them into the inside of the cart so that she couldn't touch them, and he didn't even mind. Ruth is also really great and loving with Molly, but she wants so badly to be big, it's harder to appreciate her. She does things like trying to pick up Molly by herself and drag her to play and I have to watch her very closely so she doesn't smother her trying to dress her up, etc, etc. Haha. Someday Molly will make a great playmate, but not quite yet! Ruth is an outstanding helper with getting clothes and diapers and wipes whenever I need them and she is a pro cleaner-upper right now. I think she should stay home with me forever! Now, if our washing machine hadn't just stopped mid-cycle without draining, (the day after our landlord finally fixed our stove after four months of waiting!) I would say we are pretty perfect around here. Although, I think we are anyway.

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