Monday, March 9, 2015

White Coat Pinning Ceremony

Sterling took the hippocratic oath! 

His white coat has been pinned!

He's officially official!

That was our view of the front of the tent. And we were over thirty minutes early. I didn't think the kids could handle being any earlier than that! 

Will had a rough time. Pretty much the entire time. 
I felt like we were totally prepared. Tic tacs, brand new sticker books and notebooks, crayons, etc. Nope, Will decided it was too hot and too miserable to act in any other manner. Luckily, we were on the back row and he could lay on the ground a bit and we could still watch the ceremony.

Cutest. baby. ever. 

Ruthie stole the show when she saw daddy walking across the stage, asked if she could go to him, and I said she could. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal (it wasn't), but I forget what a big deal people around here make out of children. It's because of the sheer scarcity of children in Miami. Haha. So she ran right up (ever extroverted Ruthie) and Sterling picked her up and the ENTIRE crowd went "awwww".  She got her picture taken with the dean and everything! (Although, she has a dean back at grandpa's house that I sure wish we were taking pictures with MUCH more!) Several people came up to us afterwards and asked if Ruth was the little redhead that ran up. Yes, yes we claim her.

It was really neat, I must say. Sterling deserves some major credit for everything he does. It's hard and fun and wonderful and he does such an incredible job of sacrificing and balancing and working! We are living the life!

Poor Molly, not happy about this picture.

Look at that handsome man! 

Yes, yes, I was forcing Sterling to take the kissing pictures. Old man.

Sebastian the Ibis was wandering around and Ruth *desperately* wanted to give him a high-five. But then she chickened out. So she watched him across the lawn for forever and then told me "He's just like Mickey, right?" "Yeah, he's just like Mickey and Donald Duck." "Then I want to see him!"

She did get to meet him and he was very nice, and the entire time Sterling and Ruth were by Sebastian, Will was sobbing HYSTERICALLY, like his sister was getting abducted or something. While adorable, it was a little dramatic. Good thing we have such a brave little champion in our house.


Ruth was put out that Sterling didn't have his stethoscope, so she gave him her Doc McStuffins one to use for the night.

Close to one year down! Yay! It's been a crazy, wonderful, busy, lovely, incredible first year of adventure and I think we can say we're ready to take on next year (after a nice summer break relaxin' at Grandma's, of course)!

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